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Some of the biggest brands in our 
kitchens contributed to cutting 6.4 trillion 
calories per year from the marketplace. 
Now it’s our turn to make the effort for 
ourselves and our families.
In the fight against obesity, partners of the 
Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation 
helped reduce individual calorie consumption 
by 78/day. I’m doing my part by encouraging 
my kids to eat the rainbow this week. 
What can you do?
Every day we take in an average of 100 
calories more than we need. Let’s trim that 
number and help the next generation halt 
the rise of obesity with Together Counts!
Here’s some food for thought. Food companies 
recently cut 6.4 trillion calories per year from the 
grocery store, but I think we can do better together 
as families to help stop the rise of obesity. 
Together Counts has tips for reducing calorie 
consumption and more!
Some of our fave brands reduced calories by 78/day. 
We can do the same at home! 
We can do something about halting the rise of 
obesity. @TogetherCounts shows us how #caloriecutback
Food companies are doing their part to stop the 
rise of obesity - we can do our part at home too! #caloriecutback
By 2020, we can halt the rise of obesity. How? 
Just consume 100 fewer calories a day. #caloriecutback
Reducing our calories by 100 a day can halt the 
rise of obesity by 2020. Learn more #caloriecutback


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