Zhu Zhu Babies! 12 Day sof Giveaways....

A Perfect Pint-Size Present

The perfect pint-sized present for your little Zhu-natics, ZhuZhu Babies™ are adorable miniature ZhuZhu™s that come in a variety of collectible characters. From penguins to ponies, ZhuZhu Babies add a touch of sweetness to the Zhu-niverse™. Each character has its own name, symbol, biography, and birthday. Kids can enjoy dressing their ZhuZhu Babies™ in charming outfits, tucking them into bed with the FunTime Sleepover Playset, or watching them twirl and spin with the Dance Recital Playset. Perfectly pocket-sized, ZhuZhu Babies are a great gift for your child!

Meet A Few Of The ZhuZhu Babies That Are New To Zhu!

The stork has landed: New ZhuZhu Babies™ are just hitting shelves, and these adorable characters come in a variety of animals. Kids can collect them all!

• Savvy the pony: with her bright pink coat and polished mane, Savvy is as known for her beauty as she is for her clever brains. Quick-witted and cunning, Savvy helps her pony pals get out of the stickiest of situations

• Scout the mouse: quite the adventurer, Scout loves to pretend she is a pilot, swinging as high as she can on the playground. Like a true mouse, she loves cheese, which is why cheese is her symbol!

• Joey the seahorse: giddy and hyper, Joey is known for never being able to "swim still." He constantly darts across the ocean, challenging his friends to races. Moving so quickly often gives this seahorse bubble hiccups, which is why bubbles are his symbol!

*Disclosure- I was given no monetary compensation for my honest post.*


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