Xia Xia Shells and Kooky Friends, 12 Days of Giveaways!!

XIA-XIA™ Shells and Kooky Friends:
Fashion XIA-XIA for the Holidays!
Toys R' Us "Holiday Hot Toy" 2011!
"Xia-Xia™'s here. Let's go play! It's like a party everyday!" Xia-Xia, robotic hermit crabs, live in a crazy world where every day is Carnivale. Kids can dress their Xia-Xia for the festivities in a variety of candy-colored shells with different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors: Just like a real hermit crab, Xia-Xia switch and swap their shells!

For an added surprise, kooky little friends are hidden inside. Each Xia-Xia shell comes with one kooky friend and additional Xia-Xia shells come with the bonus of two friends. Kids can place their kooky friends on their Xia-Xia's shell while they skitter scatter to the "Xia-Xia Shuffle." At the low price of $5.99, Xia-Xia shells make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season!

*I was given no compensation from this post, simply an entry into a drawing*


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