DaGeDar! Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway!

DaGeDar™ - Experience The Invasion this Holiday Season!

Speed. Action. Racing: DaGeDar™ is the toy kids want this holiday season! Nominated for "Boys Toy of the Year" for the annual TOTY (Toy of the Year) Awards, DaGeDar is an action-packed game of racing unlike any other: Players are challenged to create their own "House Rules" to play. Players can collect over 100 DaGeDar balls, which are referred to as Dags; Each of which displays a cool graphic. This is the Dag's inner racing avatar. Players can log-on to http://www.dagedar.com/, enter the code located on the back of their ball, and learn more about their Dags' "spirit within." A great stocking stuffer, Dags are the gift that keeps on RACING!
New Dags Have Just Been Unleashed With Set 2:

• U.F. Oshi02021: An extraterrestrial bio-technician, U.F. Oshi has mind control tactics, which he uses to overtake his opponents on the racetracks

• Grok02030:  A multi-armed master of martial arts, Grok 02030 is a wizard of ancient weapons. Speed, agility, and unmatched skill with a blade, make him a dangerous racer

• Ballistix02031: an expert explosives diffuser, he has a titanium alloy grip and reinforced hardwired nervous system that prepare him to tackle the most explosive of situations

*Disclosure:  I was given no compensation for this post*


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