Daredar, 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

DAGEDAR™ Accessories:
All Your Dag Needs to Speed!

Dag Nation is spreading! This year's hottest toy, DaGeDar™ has already made its way on kids' wish lists nationwide. Give your Dag Master the ultimate racing experience with the DaGeDar accessories. Kids can take their Dags on the go with the awesome Flip Action Carrying Case or knock away approaching competition with the Vortex Spinner. Both items come with the added bonus of a special, collectible DaGeDar ball. Conveniently priced, the Carrying Case is $5.99 and the Vortex Spinner is $4.99, the DaGeDar accessories are the perfect stocking stuffer.
Check out some of DaGeDar's coolest accessories:
• Vortex Spinner & Collectible Ball: Kids can take their game to the next level with the Vortex Spinner! Launch balls into action, and kids can make up their own rules for play

• Flip Action Carrying Case: Take Dags on the go! Sore up to 3 balls securely in the case, and be ready to race in a flash with the flip-top dispenser

*Disclosure:  I was given no monetary compensation for this post*


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