The Amazing Pizza Machine! Crank Out the Food and Fun! Review

Yesterday we were given the opportunity to visit the Amazing Pizza Machine!  It was perfect timing!  We always take the kids somewhere on Valentines Day as their "Valentines Gift", and Pizza Machine seemed the perfect place to have their "gift visit" at!

We opted to do the Valentines special which was roughly $27 a person.  This included unlimited buffet and drinks (non-alcoholic), unlimited rides (including the go carts), a game of Laser Tag, 60 points to use to play games, a "sweet treat" (in addition to the dessert buffet of course) and a Cuddly Treat (a little stuffed animal).  This was a GREAT value!  For my large family of 6, after taxes the bill was roughly $180.  If you really piece it apart, that is a great deal!  When we take our family to La Mesa (our favorite Mexican restaurant), we pay $100.  Look at everything else we got to do!  Shoot...we can't even go to Burger King anymore and keep the bill under $50 hardly!  So, if you think about the unlimited stuff we got, food, rides, the laser tag, all of that, this was a FANTASTIC price for all we got!  No complaints from this mamma.  HOWEVER, with that said, I do want you to know how much money to bring.  I don't feel they are over priced at all.  They are VERY comparative...and when you get a deal like we had, they are far better!

First of course, we had to eat.  I LOVE buffets.  Not because I love to eat (which I do), but because I have 4 kids and each of them is picky in their own way.  Buffets just make my life easier!  :-)  The kids LOVE buffets too!  I do have two children allergic to peanuts and eggs.  The Amazing Pizza Machine is VERY good about making sure they are safe.  They let me know very quickly what could and could not be eaten.  The same goes for dessert.  They have a two different kinds of ice creams.  One has eggs and the other doesn't.  They made sure we knew which was the "safe" kind for my children.

 They have a lot of fun places to eat too!  We chose to eat in the room with the cartoons!  BUT....there is also:
Luigi's Cafe and another room where you can watch sports....
 Here is part of the buffet!

 Or there is this room that is like a 1950's diner!

After we LITERALLY stuffed our faces, we went to start the games.  Of course one of the first things my littlest people (10 and 7) wanted to do was the rides....but we had just stuffed our faces.  I decided to let them try....and crossed my fingers as they did!
First it was the twirly whirly one!  YIKES!  I was NERVOUS!

 I have to say the older lady running it that night was a very friendly and FUN ride conductor!

Then we tried Frog Hopper....this has always been a favorite of my kids'.  The one at Adventureland has been ridden more times then I can count!

 Then off to the Bumper Cars!  That was actually fun!  I rode with them!  The cars themselves are easy and FUN to maneuver!
 After the Bumper Cars, we reserved our time for Laser Tag.  We had about an hour to wait (it was busy because of Valentine's Day), so we decided to do a few more things!  We did the Grand Spree Racing.  My husband took my daughter and I took our youngest son. The two big boys rode the single cars.

It was a lot of fun....and I would just like to add that Major and I won the BLUE RIBBON!!!  YIPPEE!!!!  

So, now we decided to play some other games.
My kids would rather play ticket games to gain tickets then play real games.  Pizza Machine also has bowling and TONS of other games....but the tickets are where my children like to be!  My daughter and I did play "Just Dance" though!  
 There is also this great little tikes play area.  My kids are too old now...but we used to come here all the time and play and play and play!  The play place is free and the kids LOVE it!

Soon it was time for Laser Tag.  There were about 15 of us playing.  Could have been less, but there were a lot of us!  It made it fun.  We had "free for all" play, so we were all playing against each other!  It was a lot of fun!  My oldest son got first place, my middle son got second place and my husband got third place.  Apparently my least the older boys of the family, are good shots!  All that hunting has paid off!  :-)

We played some more games...then went back for dessert.  Dessert was fabulous!  I would have liked some chocolate chip cookies though, or toppings for my ice cream.  But it was great.  And there HAD been chocolate chip cookies....I think I just got up there too late!  :-(  Bummer!  The kids all enjoyed it though!

We had a fabulous time, and though we weren't there for a birthday party or anything, we have been there before for birthday parties and they are also tons of fun.  The birthday parties are done in these rooms:
 The kids have always loved going there for birthday parties...and who could EVER make it out of there without giving money to the WALL OF CANDY?!?!

No child can look at that and not drool!  Great marketing!  :-)

We did have a fantastic time!  You would enjoy it TONS!  I suggest you check it out and have tons of fun doing it!  I really don't think you would be sorry for going!  I want to thank The Amazing Pizza Machine and Allen Wachter for the opportunity to blog for them!
Check them out!  They are located in Millard.  Here is their website you can click HERE.

*Everything in this post is my own personal opinion.  I was given no monetary compensation in exchange for my post.*


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