Mom's Night Out, Actual night and Movie!!! May 9th, 2014

Mom's Night Out is an actual night....falling this year on May 9th, 2014....and it is also a new movie that was released May 9th!

I was unable to go to Mom's Night Out the movie on May 9th because instead I went to see Wicked off Broadway with my husband....either way....I got out!  And I was able to use Papa Murphy's Pizza to feed my kids that night!  It was dinner to dishes to do...I just cooked the pizzas, and had the older one (15) feed his siblings while my husband and I went out on a dinner date, then off to see Wicked!

I am VERY excited to actually go see this movie!  My sister and I are planning to go this weekend!  I am REALLY looking forward to it!  I've seen the previews and I have to say, it looks outstanding!

Mom's Night Out is a fast-paced, family comedy about four moms scheduling a night out where everything can and will go wrong, yet it all turns out just fine in the end.  The film features a fantastic lineup of stars like Sarah Drew (Greuy's Anatomy), Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings), and Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle).

Before our big night out, I had some girl friends over to look at some of the great promo material I receive!  But first...what kind of a party would it be if we didn't have FOOD!!!!!


 We had a great time.....I got to share the movie news with everyone, share some great recipes, have some party games and some fun giveaways for my friends! pays off to be my friend!!  :-)

No, honestly, we had a great time!!  And even though I didn't get to go out ON Mom's Night Out...I still get to go out...and that is the important thing.  As my mom used to always say, "It is just a can celebrate anytime!"  She was talking about birthdays....we always had to have our birthdays on the weekends that my truck driver dad was in town....but the theory she laid out there is true for anything!

Have a blessed day and GO HAVE A MOM'S NIGHT OUT!!!!!

*I was given no compensation for this post*


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