Since I am Nebraska Hockey Mom...I thought I should share some hockey moments!  The season is OVER for the year!!!  WOOHOO!!  Don't get me wrong...I do love hockey....but it is a REALLY long season!  We start practicing in September and don't have our last tournaments until the end of March!  LONG season!  I do have one son that has opted out of lacrosse for the summer and instead will be playing summer hockey....but summer hockey isn't near as tedious as regular season I can deal with that.  It is nice to have a break from the ice rink though.  This year 3 of my kids played...including my daughter.  My youngest will start in the fall...which means I will then have 4 in hockey!  Yikes!  My daughter enjoys figure skating too....but she has chosen to do that in the summertime instead so she can beat boys up during hockey season on the ice.  She is quite the little tomboy.  At least I get a little bit of girl during the summer in figure skating!  :-)

Having 3 in hockey this year has been so crazy that I shudder to think what it will be like having 4 in hockey.  My husband coaches the older boys, the Bantam level, so that was nice to have him at least be available to go to his practices and to travel with the Bantams.  But getting the other two to practices and games took some finagling.  I hope that is how you spell that!  :-)  Luckily my sister has a son who is also in hockey, so there was some carpooling taking place! was a great year though....a lot of traveling that I did WITH the family, and at times with only one hockey player because the other hockey players were in different cities....but we had a lot of fun.  The best hockey trip was the last one, we were able to do it as a of my boys had to miss one of his games, but it was worth it to all of us.  The trip was to Chicago.  We went a day early and just hung out in the city.  TONS of fun!!

So that is our hockey season....a bit crazy....but always great for memories being made!


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