Chris Mann "Roads" CD Review

Chris Mann 
 (born May 5, 1982) is a classically trained American singer-songwriter fromWichita, Kansas. He came in fourth place on the second series of NBC's singing competition The Voice in 2012. He came in first place on Team Christina Aguilera and represented her in the final round. He currently resides in inLos AngelesCalifornia.

His new CD Roads has a huge assortment of songs like Willie Nelson's "Always on My Mind" and Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now".  He also includes great classical songs such as "Ave Maria" and "The Blowers Daughter" by Damien Rice.  "The Blowers Daughter even has an appearance from Christina Aguilera!!!  Mann also co-wrote two songs on the CD, "Coure" and "Falling".  "Coure" is based on Bach's "Air on a G String".  Very beautifully written.

Mann was honored to be on "The Voice" and picked for Christina Aguileras team!  He made it to the final rounds on Christina's team.

The following is quoted from Chris Mann's website,  

After the series ended, Mann signed with Faircraft—serendipitous in that back in 1998 Fair, then senior vice-president of A&R for RCA Records, had signed, oversaw and supervised  Aguilera’s career. The decision was a no-brainer for both Mann and Fair. “Ron is a believer,” says Chris. “He has a passion for classical crossover music—he gets it.” Together, they immediately began conceptualizing of the album project—or projects, including a Wal-mart exclusive Christmas EP.
Mann's Roads CD 
Need You Now
The Blower's Daughter
My Way
Unless You Mean It
Always on My Mind
On a Night Like This
Ave Maria
Viva La Vida

My Take:I wasn't really sure what to think of Chris Mann at first.  I very rarely get to watch any episodes of "The Voice", so I had never heard him sing.  I don't USUALLY listen to classical music, unless I am trying to relax enough to fall asleep...but I do love classical just is so relaxing that it ends up putting me to sleep.

As I sat here at my computer though and listened to his CD, I have to say, I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to him.  His voice is soft and soothing.  I loved that there were songs  on his CD that I was familiar with and sung in his nice, smooth voice.

I also played the CD for my husband who typically does not like classical music.  He also really enjoyed it.

I would give this CD as well as Chris Mann two thumbs up!  I am looking forward to putting his music on my iPod and listening more sleep....and even not to sleep!  :-)

*I was given the download of this CD in exchange for my honest opinion of the CD.*


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