Thursday, December 19, 2013

Office Christmas Party Results!

Many of you may remember the post I made a week or so ago about the's "Office Christmas Party."  If not, you can read it HERE.  Below is an update on the results of that "Office Christmas Party!"  Not too shabby!

There are still some very generous people in the world. On Sunday, my "Office Christmas Party" raised more than $3,000 for local families in need. It was a great afternoon.
There are still some very generous people in the world.  On Sunday, my "Office Christmas Party" raised more than $3,000 for local families in need.  It was a great afternoon.

We already hand-delivered a $1,000 gift card to Nebraska Furniture Mart for a Mom and her two kids that were being abused by the husband. She will now be able to provide her kids (ages 9 and 4) beds and other furniture before Christmas. We are finishing the shopping today and tomorrow for all the other families we adopted through the Salvation Army.

What an absolute blessing!  WAY TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL PARTY!!!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ellore Femme 24 Piece Hair Chalk Set $30 OFF!!!!!!

If you don't know what Hair Chalk is, then prepare yourself for amazingness! It's a super fun, temporary method to add some serious flair to your hair. These vibrantly colored hair-chalk sticks from Ellore Femme help you to easily paint rainbow hues onto strands. The easy-to-blend dyes are formulated with natural plant pigments, rendering the chalk non-toxic. All 24 colors easily wash out in the shower.

Spontaneous hair color
Set with heat
Blendable colors
Nontoxic, natural plant pigments
Washes out after one shower
Use on wet hair
24 vibrant shades
May transfer onto clothing during application
May cause respiratory irritation if inhaled
My Readers save $30 Off Ellore Femme 24 piece Hair Chalk set with promo code BL15

My daughter LOVES the hair chalk!  We have not tried THIS kind watching for my review....but we have tried MUCH cheaper kinds that aren't near as good as what these look to be....and they don't roll on nicely, they don't look that great.  I have very high expectations for this hair chalk as it looks to be the same stuff that my hair dresser used on my daughter when she was trying it out!  I can't wait to review it here for you!  Until then....GO TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELF and make sure to comment here if you do!!!

Babo Botanicals...50% off Holiday Sale!

SAVE 50% Off! Babo Botanicals's Special Holiday Promotion: 50% Off all products available at USE PROMOTION CODE : HOLIDAYBABO

Babo Botanicals offers a full range of natural and safe skin, hair and suncare products for newborns, babies, kids and the entire family! Babo products are made on a certified organic farm in upstate New York and are ultra-rich in vitamins A, C and D delivering maximum nutrients, protection and moisture to your child's hair and skin. Babo's mission is to provide the perfect balance between optimum results, natural ingredients and family fun.

ENTER PROMOTION CODE : HOLIDAYBABO at check out to benefit from this amazing offer: 

Offer available from Dec 11th to Dec 18th. Coupon does not apply to VIP Gift Basket.

Be on the lookout for my review!  But until then....this is a great deal!  Go grab some for Christmas and tell me what you think in the comments section!!

MONSTER JAM!! $4 off tickets!

Mid-America Center, Council Bluffs, IA, Jan. 2-5.

Welcome to Monster Jam, an incredible family-friendly experience starring the biggest performers on four wheels: Monster Jam monster trucks. These twelve-feet-tall, ten-thousand-pound machines will bring you to your feet, racing and ripping up a custom-designed track full of obstacles to soar over and smash through. Monster Jam provides massive entertainment tailored perfectly for your family's budget, and these colorful, larger-than-life beasts are sure to capture the hearts of both young and old.

 Have you EVER been to a Monster  I haven't...but I will say, I have ALWAYS WANTED TO!  I cannot WAIT to go to this!  I will be a hero to my children too!!!

 I am told that earplugs are a necessity for the young ones....I can handle that.  I can't wait to bring you the review....but I also can't wait for you to go yourselves!  If you go to US FAMILY GUIDE HERE, you can save $4 PER TICKET!!  Use code UFG4OFF.  It is NOT valid on Premium Seating, Kid's tickets or on Opening Night however.  Also no double discounts and there is a 6 ticket limit.  Additional fees may apply also. 

 If you go, PLEASE comment below what you thought!  I am excited to hear all of your stories...or if you HAVE gone before...I'd love to hear about it!!

 Be on the lookout in January for my review!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Magisto's "I Remember 2013 Because...."

Magisto's "I Remember 2013 Because..." 

Take a walk down memory lane and enter @Magisto's #My2013 contest. You could win an iPad Air or other fun prizes!

I plan on making my own movie!  I have so many memories though, I don't even know where to start!!!  I better get the Diet Mountain Dew will be a long night!! 

$124 to Feed a Family of Four

Read the title on this again.  $124.  That’s a typical grocery bill for one week for a family of four.

But with our friends at Heartland Hope Mission they can feed a family of 4 for the entire month with your gift of $124.  Only $31 per person. 

This is good food.  Healthy.  Fruits, Vegetables, Meat.  More than you would expect. 

Click here and you can make a gift. 

$31 for one person to have 3 meals per day for the entire month. 
$62 for two people to have 3 meals per day for the entire month.
$93 for three people to have 3 meals per day for the entire month. 
$124 for four people to have 3 meals per day for the entire month. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moolala deal on CANVASES!!

LOOK WHAT MOOLALA HAS GOING ON NOW???  WHAT A GREAT DEAL!!!  Make sure if you go to purchase this deal you use THIS LINK.

$89 for Five 16x20 Gallery-Wrapped Canvases
$35 for 1 or $65 for 2 | Free Shipping

Buy (View Options)





Heartland Hope Mission

Heartland Hope Mission is:

 Providing food, clothing and promoting self-sufficiency for people in need.
Heartland Hope Mission is the largest food pantry in Nebraska. We provide a week's supply of groceries, along with hygiene products, clothing items, and household goods to the working poor. In addition, we assist clients by providing eligibility screenings,  referrals and SNAP (food stamp) applications.

Did You Know...

...Just $124 will feed a family of 4 breakfast, lunch and dinner for an entire month? Ask us about how you can help end hunger and put Love in Action!

Because You Gave 

34,084people received food pantries
129people received additional
food assistance
12,635sack lunches provided

That is over 520,000 meals

18,980people received clothing and / or household items
34,112personal hygiene products provided
23,661volunteer hours served

Check out a video HERE.

How can you help?  If you listen to Christian radio station KGBI here in Omaha, you may have heard them raising money and awareness for Heartland Hope Mission.  You can call in and donate with them, or go to their website, and donate directly there.  You can also call 402-733-1904 to donate.  To feed a family of 4 it only costs $124.  Give it some thought.  Have you ever been helped in time of need?  Now may be the time for you to give back.  Pay It Forward.

Monday, December 9, 2013, Helping Others This Holiday Season

  • Written by Steve at
  • Regular readers of HitThatDive know that is one question I try to answer in every bar review. To some, $20 is little more than a round of drinks. And to others, a spare $20 is all that's leftover at the end of the week to provide things like food and clothes for their children.
    On December 15 at 1:00 PM, and then again at 5:00 PM, we are throwing a good old fashioned, Office Christmas party, like you were always promised, at The Village Bar in Ralston. There will be food, drinks, music, fun, merriment, Bad Santa, prizes, free shirts, free stuff, friends, photocopiers, and most opportunity to provide a real Christmas for local families in the Omaha area.
    To quote The Kinks " Have yourself a Merry, Merry Christmas. Have yourself a good time. But remember the kids that have nothing, while you'r drinking down your wine." We have "adopted" two local families through The Salvation Army that we will provide gifts and food for in the days immediately following this event. Everything will be hand-delivered by the HitThatDive we KNOW it will be getting directly to the families.
    Also, we've learned about a local mother that needs help getting a fresh start from an abusive household for her children, and needs simple items like beds for her kids to sleep in and other basic furniture. So, we've decided to get a substantial gift card to Nebraska Furniture Mart to ensure some of these items, that we all take for granted, can be purchased.
    Because we want to raise as much money as possible, and also have an unforgettable Sunday Funday, we've decided to have two parties. The first one will be from 1:00-4:00 and the second will be from 5:00-8:00. Regardless of which one you attend, there will be the same amount of fun, and swag, at both of them.
    More information at

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Fruit Club

Have you ever heard of The Fruit Club?  It is pretty cool stuff!  When you go to their about us page, there is an awesome scripture passage.

”Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.” Genesis 1:11

I love the book of Genesis!  That was reassuring to me that I am reviewing for a company who has ethics and a biblical belief.  They are based in Sioux Falls, SD.  They basically saw a need and they wanted to fulfill that need which is bringing fresh fruit to people.
Their mission is to bring fresh fruit from the orchard to your family, year round!

Every month, they will bring a new, fresh fruit to a town near you. This fruit comes straight from the orchard.  So, no middle man called the grocery store! Because of this, they can keep costs low! Everybody likes that!

They also have a Fruit Guarantee.  If you are unhappy with your fruit, they want you to let them know! They strive to bring you quality fruit, and if this is not the case, they want to know so they can work harder at making this possible.

This is How It Works:

   There is no membership required to enjoy the fresh fruit they bring you! And you do not have to commit to buying every month.  You choose what fruit you want.

To place an order for their available farm fresh fruit, simply fill out the order form.

Their delivery locations include, but are not limited to:*

South Dakota

Sioux Falls, SD           Yankton, SD
Watertown, SD           Madison, SD
Brookings, SD             Aberdeen, SD
Huron, SD                    Yankton, SD

(At times there may be a delivery to Platte, SD.  Watch for updates)


Sioux Center, IA       Sioux City, IA


Lincoln, NE              Omaha, NE


Sedalia, MO and surrounding towns


St. Louis, IL and surrounding towns


Lake Benton, MN and surrounding towns

There are times that delivery isn't perfect however.  For example, there needs to be a minimum of 250 boxes ordered to warrant a delivery....and also, because it is fresh fruit, the delivery schedule is going to be subject to the weather, ripeness and availability.

The fruit THIS month are RED NAVEL ORANGES!!!

Also known as the Cara Cara Orange, this gem has beautiful orange skin with sweet, juicy pink flesh.  What a treat!  This orange is low in acid, high vitamin C, folate, fiber, potassium, & lycopene!  The “power orange” is also seedless which makes it a wonderful treat for children!! It is so vibrant and colorful, which is why it is gaining in popularity!  What a healthy, delicious choice for your family!  This orange is a wonderful choice for eating, salads, and juicing!   Order your box today!  20 pounds for $33!

The location to pickup the fruit is Volvo truck of Omaha out on hwy 370 and 153rd street right off the interstate.  YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PICK UP THE BASKET YOURSELF ON SATURDAY THE 14TH OF DECEMBER!!!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

icaughtsanta review!


I have a GREAT deal for you!  Would you like your VERY own iCaughtSanta picture for FREE????  If you missed my first post about it, make sure you go back and read it HERE.

I did my photo tonight....and it came out pretty good.  I could have done a better job on the coloring, but I didn't have a lot of time to spend on it.  I think if I had tried a little longer I could have gotten it just right.  I know this because I've done this before and I HAVE gotten it just right in the past.  I will try to put the past pictures up as well!

This is their 5th anniversary....and because of that, they are giving away FREE Santa pictures until December 10th!  You have 5 more days!!  Make sure you run over there to, do your picture and while you are there, enter their drawing for a free iPad Air, gift cards and all sorts of other things!  At the end, just enter promo code #santashare and it is yours FREE!!!

 The picture above is this years photo...I decided that Santa would be tired.  Here is a picture I did last year.

I opted to also do a Rudolph photo this year!!  Rudolph will give me away though if there is snow on the ground come Christmas time....but I just won't show the kids if there is!!  :-)  I'll save it until the year that we don't have snow!  If ever!  :-)  I do wish I would have made Rudolph bigger, but that is my error.

I would really encourage you to head on over and get yours while you can!  The process is totally quick and absolutely easy!  You will be happy you did.  As I said, I have done this in years past and the kids absolutely LOVE it!

Happy picture making!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mobile Mom Magazine Review

Mobile Mom Magazine Review
If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will have seen a post for a Mobile Mom Magazine Giveaway. If you missed it, CLICK HERE. You still have a few days to get in on the giveaway, so DON'T miss out!!!!
Here is my review from that post...with some added things since then as I've been able to look into the Magazine App a little deeper!

How many times have you been at the doctor's office....or waiting in an ENORMOUS line at the grocery store and you had a moment to look some important information up about being a mom?  A LOT if you are anything like me.  Now....I don't go to the doctor's office or the enormous line at the grocery store and think..."I am ready to learn!"  No....instead, I just take out my iPhone and look at something on my screen...usually something like Candy Crush or something that will not help me in the future.  Welcome Mobile Mom Magazine!  Now you can read information that is pertinent to you as a mother (assuming you are a mother...if you're not...think of someone you know who is), at a simple touch of your iPhone, or iPad...whatever device you have.  This is awesome information every mother should know.  I really enjoyed looking at it and it is formatted nicely....making it very easy to read.  I think you'll enjoy it!  Check it out!  Personally I have been fighting the no paper thing for awhile.  All of my books are still magazines are still paper...but recently, I've been asked to review things on my this magazine or a book, and I've actually found that I have enjoyed it!  No more bulky things to carry when you are headed to the doctor's fear of losing your place, or creasing the pages.  It's pretty cool!  Like I said, try it out!!!  And DON'T forget to enter the INCREDIBLE drawing that I promised to all of my readers below!!!  GO!!!!

One other thing I would like to point out...I really like the format of it.  I have it on my iPad.  I can flip through the magazine like I would a book....but when I get to a story I want to read, I flip up through the story as opposed to side to side like a book.  Does that make sense?  Once I've flipped up through all of the pages of the story I am reading, I can start flipping side to side again picking me up right where I left off before I started reading the story.  It is really neat.  I've never seen anything like that before.  Maybe I am just naive...but I don't read many magazines on my I thought it was pretty cool.

There are also advertisements and not just boring ones that you skip over...ones that actually catch your attention and are pertinent to mommies everywhere!

After further reflection on this magazine app, I would really appreciate anybody out there who is a mom to at least give it a looksie.  Just look at it and try it out!  What do you have to lose?

Don't forget to go to my other post and enter the incredible drawing for $100!!!


So....God KNOWS we are in need of financial assistance for Christmas given that we have 4 kids in hockey.  That should be all I need to say.  :-)  Hockey is an INCREDIBLY expensive sport, but the kids LOVE it sooooo much!  Anyway....I won again...this time from A Mom's Balancing Act at!  I won a $50 MasterCard Gift Card!

Be sure to head over to her blog and give her some blog love!  Let her know that Nebraska Hockey Mom sent you over!!!

Happy day!!!!

I WON!!!!!!

I may be a blogger....but I still enter drawing from other bloggers sites!  It is fun!  I've won some great things in the past.  

I just won a $175 Gift Card through 2 Wired 2 Tired!  She also has a Travel blog!  Check that out here 2 Wired 2 Tired Travels.

Be sure to go visit her website and let her know that you are stopping by through the Nebraska Hockey Mom blog!!

Easy Canvas Prints Review AND GIVEAWAY!

I was given the great opportunity to review the Canvas Prints at Easy Canvas Prints.  I am a canvas fan.  I don't have a lot of canvas in my house, but every so often I try to replace a framed photo with a canvas....especially with those super special pictures that you want to cherish forever.  Through Easy Canvas Prints, you can turn any photo to canvas....and they are perfect for your home or office, or even as a gift!  Their canvas prints design program is really easy to use....and it makes the most simple picture look amazing and like a work of art when it is on the canvas!  
What makes Easy Canvas Prints so unique is that their canvas prints are printed and stretched in-house by their canvas professionals.  By the time they get to your house, they are ready to hang or display with a classic semi-gloss finish.  All you have to do, is pick the size you want and then the wrap thickness and upload your pictures...or art, and finally choose your border for a print that is all yours!

Speaking of art, what a great way to turn your children's incredible works of art into actual works of art on canvas!  I have a Wall of Fame at my house.  We hang up their art work, their grades, etc....but in addition to that there is another wall that has shadow boxes that I can switch their art in and out as I please.  They love it...but it would look so much nicer and it would keep so much better if they were on canvas.  What a fun gift to pass on to your child someday!
Another thing that Easy Canvas Prints is known for is their giving program.  Canvas for a Cause is a program where Easy Canvas Prints partners with non-profit organizations and donate up to 25% of canvas proceeds back to those organizations.  Easy Canvas Prints also has a parent site,, where they offer similar in-kind donations and discounts to non-profit organizations as well.  
Easy Canvas Prints has a strong base in community involvement and philanthropy, and more than 40% of the staff actively volunteer with non-profits in their local community!  Isn't that awesome?  Not very many companies can say that!  
Would you like to get involved?  Follow Easy Canvas Prints on Twitter and Facebook to get involved with Canvas for a Cause!
So....maybe canvas isn't your thing?  But maybe you like to have signs or WEAR your favorite picture?  Easy Canvas Prints has a parent site as I mentioned above, called and a sister site called  These sites will give you more custom print options and ideas.  Especially GIFT ideas THIS time of year!!!  :-)

Before we get to the giveaway, I wanted to offer Nebraska Hockey Mom readers a link for UP TO 50% OFF their canvas order!  Here it is!!  Click away!!  And enjoy!!

I ordered mine...but haven't received it yet.  I will be SURE to take a picture of it when it gets here and post it for you!

Who wants a GIVEAWAY?

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Moolala! Chalkboard Deal!


LOVE this idea!

If you head over there NOW, you can get it for only $14!  That is a huge savings!  Make sure you click on THIS LINK (  to get signed up!!!  This would be SUCH fun to have Santa give the kids!!!

6-Foot Peel-and-Stick Chalkboard
Write on Your Walls | Cut to Any Shape or Size

Buy Now





Top Cash Back! is a really neat sight!  They call themselves the USA's most GENEROUS Cashback site!!  Check it out!!

IT IS FREE!!  Can't beat free!!

Here is the link to use!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

How was YOUR Thanksgiving?

 I trust that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  I usually LOVE this time of of my favorites.  I LOVE the fall weather...I love the crackle of the fireplace with the crispness in the air.  I love family getting together...I love FOOD...I love DESSERTS...I LOVE is just a FABULOUS time of year!!!

With that said.....
my Thanksgiving was not what I expected this year......but I am still thankful....
I am thankful that when my van got broken into in my driveway sometime on the night of the 27th that no one was hurt and my vehicle was not stolen.  Does it absolutely STINK that I had close to $1000 worth of things stolen...yes....was it my fault for having all of that in my van...of course...but does it still stink...YES!  BUT....I am thankful that it wasn't worse....

I am thankful that we were able to spend a nice, quiet Thanksgiving here at home, with our good friend April, even though we usually go to my dad's house and spend it with my dad, step mom, sister and her family.  Due to two children with Strep....we were unable to go...but I am thankful that so one else has gotten strep.

I am thankful that we are so broke that I couldn't go Black Friday I got to sleep in on my birthday...Black Friday.  It was nice to sleep in.  If I had money, I would have been out shopping instead of sleeping in.  I am thankful for the extra sleep.

I am thankful that when we got the Christmas decorations out we were able to keep over half of the tubs we brought out of the shed, as the other half either had broken snow globes in them that molded all  of the precious memories inside, or mice made nests in them which seems impossible given how tightly shut they all were.  I am thankful that even though most of my husbands home made Nativity Set made by his Grandma was able to be MOSTLY all glued back together when for some reason most of them broke in half even though I packaged them the same way I always have.  I am thankful for Super Glue. I am thankful that when Jake stepped on another precious, breakable memory, that Super Glue was at hand...and he did not hurt himself.

I am thankful that when the stove that SAME night decided to shoot sparks at my husband, that nobody got hurt and the house didn't burn down.  I am thankful that he was able to fix at least 1/3 of the oven/stove and it is still somewhat usable. you can Thanksgiving/birthday weekend didn't turn out the best....BUT....there are still things to be thankful for....right?