King-Devick Test from Remove From Play Testing!

Concussions are a big deal.  My husband has had many from all of his sports he has played.  I have one son who has had one.  Concussions can wreak havoc on a persons body at the time of the concussion, but even years later.  It is important that teams begin implementing concussion screenings in youth sports and spreading the word about Remove From Play’s test.

We need to make a difference in schools and youth sports teams across our country by spreading the word. If you have the time today, could you take a look at The King-Devick Test and Remove From Play Testing including a link to the Remove From Play Team Mom Playbook. The Remove From Play Team Mom Playbook is the ultimate tool for any team mom to use in assisting her to bring this affordable concussion-screening tool to her child’s school or team.

Here are the many links that may come in handy to you:

-          Remove From Play Website –
-          Remove From Play “Team Mom” Digital Playbook -
-          Remove From Play social media channels:
-          Demonstration video -

As a middle school teacher, I see many students who have suffered concussions during sports seasons.  It is a big deal.  It is not something to be taken lightly, therefore, in my is time to take a stand.

Thanks for your time and consideration!


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