HOCKEY! After all, this is NEBRASKA HOCKEY MOM!!

First most of you know....I have 4 hockey players...and a hockey husband.  Jeff played through college and now he coaches.  This year he is coaching Elkhorn High School hockey team and the Bantams of the Omaha Hockey Club.  That means he gets to coach both Cam (Elkhorn) and Jake (Bantam).

The following pictures are Major.  My IP (Initiation Program) child.  He is 7 and having a great time on the ice!!

Then there is my ONLY daughter.  MaKenna.  She is 10 and is on the girls U10 team.  Yes....this is her in the penalty box.  So proud of my girl!  :-)

Major is a fantastic observer of his brothers and sister!

Then we have Cam, my 16 year old Elkhorn High School (though he goes to Millard South) player.

Finally, Jake, my Bantam player!

Here is another fun picture of my Major!

And what do we do when we are NOT at the ice rink?  During hockey season, late September to mid March, we are at the rink so much that I feel like I should just pitch a tent at them.  There are three rinks we frequent though....and two that we go to enough.  So....late March to September???  Well....we go to the ice rinks of course!!!  PUBLIC SKATE!!!!

OR.....when we have breaks for Christmas....we just play hockey on our out door rink....

When we get tired of ice......  (yeah right....)  they go for a different kind of skating.....

So there you have it....the life of a hockey mom.  In many of these pictures there are not only my kids....but my nephew and two nieces...who guessed hockey!


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