"Fit Made Fun" MommyParty

LeapBand, the new wearable activity tracker from LeapFrog, this special celebration encourages kids and their families to jump into motion and experience the fun of an active and healthy lifestyle. 


This band is SO fun!  My kids and all of my guest kids LOVED it!  They had such a great time!  I WISH I had pictures!  I had someone taking pictures for me…and unfortunately I had failed to put the memory card in.  Whoops.  Sad thing is that this has happened to me before, and I still haven't learned my lesson!  :-(

We had a great time.  Many of our family friends and their kids joined us.  I had printed off some activities on the Leap Frog website and let the kids do those while the adults mingled for a bit.  Soon we all played bingo and talked about nutrition and fitness.  As a Family and Consumer Science teacher who actually teaches nutrition on a daily basis, this came easy for me.  I handed out the Cliff Bars that were provided for my party and everyone LOVED them.  They didn't last long!  Then we talked about the Leap Band.  Everyone was super excited, but the younger kids REALLY liked them.  The colors really caught their eye, and most of them were already familiar with the Leap Frog brand.

Some of the features of the Leap Band were exciting for the adults, such as being water resistant, a rechargeable battery, audio instructions and parent controls!

The kids LOVED having a pet that they were trying to keep alive and healthy!  They seemed to care more about that pet then their own health!  That is what makes this product so genius!  The kids LOVE to take care of animals, but for some reason, humans often don't care so much about themselves.  This product helps young children stay active and stay healthy by keeping their "pet" happy, healthy and active!

My kids LOVED them!  We kept one that my kids used to show everyone and then we had a giveaway for the other one.  Everyone was super excited to get their name in the drawing!  It was a fantastic experience and once again, I am SOOO sorry I have no pictures to show you!!!


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