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So I was given the opportunity to review "Guide to the Magic for Kids," which is a guide book to the Walt Disney World Resort.  I also got to review "Celebrations" which is a magazine that celebrates the Magic of Walt Disney World!

Lets start with the "Guide to the Magic for Kids (and parents too)".  It is written and put together by Tim Foster.

*It is a guide book, journal, sticker book and activity book all rolled into one!
*It features LOTS of colorful photos of every attraction in every park at Walt Disney World, plus scavenger hunts, park maps, Hidden Mickeys, mystery photos, little known facts and secrets.
*On the Attraction Guide pages, you can record special memories of your magical vacation and rate all of the attractions.
*You'll also find a complete set of stickers; there's one for every attraction in the parks.  Use them to keep track of all the places you've visited.
*There's even a special World Showcase section where you can collect passport stamps and autographs from every country.
*"Guide to the Magic for Kids" is 200 pages, 8.5 X 10, and spiral bound-which is perfect for writing in and opening to that special page as you explore the parks!

This book is the perfect companion to your Walt Disney World vacation.  The new edition features the latest updates from the parks, including the soon to be opened Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland, and its' filled with new acts, new photos, and lots more.

Now, maybe you are saying, "I don't want to carry a book around at Disney World."  Don't most of us carry a backpack of some kind....at least if we have kids?  The backpack is a perfect place to keep the book.  Take it out after every ride, or to keep the kids busy during lunch or a quiet time.


AWESOME!!!  It has a place for EVERYTHING.  It even has a HOW TO USE THE BOOK section, TIPS TO ENJOY THE MAGIC KINGDOM, SCAVENGER HUNTS, INDEX, etc.  I will highlight the very first section, "The Magic Kingdom".  The first and second page has beautiful pictures....., and it tells you what shows and parades to look for.  The next two pages gives you a map and a "legend" on what is all included in the Magic Kingdom.  The following pages tell you all about each area....great shopping, where to get a snack, the rides, where to get autographs (and there are quite a few autograph pages at the end), etc.  Tons of great pictures, and for each ride, a spot to say if you liked it....didn't like it, or it was okay.  Each page also tells you if anything is scary in that particular area.  After the Magic Kingdom pages, we go to the Epcot pages and start it all over again.

I CANNOT wait to take my kids to any of the resorts within Walt Disney World so we can use it!  Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later as my kids are growing up quickly.  It is a FABULOUS book....however more for the younger generation.  I have a couple teenagers that probably wouldn't be a huge fan of it....but my 6 and 9 year old would love it!  Definitely worth buying at any age however if you are a lover of everything Disney!  :-)


Celebrations Magazine just released its 35th issue!  Their mission is "discovering the magic of Walt Disney World."  Readers can explore the magic of the Disney theme parks and resorts, relive the classic films, and celebrate the secrets, stories and history of the most magical place on Earth.  Readers can subscribe or buy back issues at www.celebrationspress.com.


I really enjoyed this magazine.  It tells you all the latest news and best kept secrets.  It is definitely a magazine that you would want to have handy if you are planning a trip to any of the resorts.  The pictures in it were INCREDIBLE!  My kids LOVED just flipping through it and looking at the pictures!  This also is a must have for any lover of everything Disney!


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