The Monopoly Unleashed House Party, Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!

I was given the opportunity from House Parties to host my very own Monopoly Unleashed House Party!  I have never been a fan of Monopoly, but their new and improved Monopoly game is great!  I was sent a box of games and goodies to host my party with.  I got the new Monopoly, Monopoly Millionaire Deal Card Game, Candy Land and Connect Four.  We already had Candy Land too....but this is a new and improved Candy Land too.  I like it much better!  I was also sent coupons and tattoos and keychains to make the experience more fun!

We had a great time.  I invited quite a few friends, but the summer is a really hard time to get people together, so I only managed to have 3 friends here, but we had a total of 9 kids here with us!  So we ALL got to play!  It was a lot of fun!  We had games and food....what more can a person ask for?  I love any excuse to get together with my friends too!  Here is a picture of one of our yummy desserts that one of my guests brought!  Cake "ice cream" cones!
 So we started with Connect 4.  I haven't played this game in a LONG time!  It was just as I remembered it.  We had the teenagers play against eachother this time!  Girls rule!  :-)
 I think they enjoyed it!!  After all, it is a really fun game!
 Then we took out the new and improved Candy Land.  The kids weren't quite as impressed with the new tokens.  Here is a picture of them....and then the only other issue I had was that the spinner came with out the innards.  I know it was just a packaging issue....but it is something to pay attention to.  If I could have taken it back, I obviously would have because we have to finagle things to use it.
 I think the kids still had a good time though.  The things I DID like about the new and improved Candy Land was that there were no cards to keep track of.  I like the spinner idea MUCH better than the cards....if my spinner had all of its pieces anyway!  :-)

 The Monopoly Millionaire Deal Card Game we never got around to playing.  We had a long night of game playing, so we just didn't get to this one....but we plan on trying it out as a family game tonight and see what happens!  I'll try to remember to update you!!  :-)  It looks like fun when I read the back of it!

Next was the new and improved Monopoly!  I have always hated this game.  Not because it wasn't fun and is....but because it took SOOOOOOOOO long!  Now they not only have a new token....the kitty....but NOW they have a new dice for an Advanced Game...or faster game!!
We had a lot of fun playing it together last night.  What I really found great was how much my kids were getting involved in it.  I never realized it before because I never played it with them before, but it really teaches them how to budget their money!  I have one child who is VERY free with his money.  He started the game out the same way....until he almost went bankrupt.  Suddenly his thought process changed and he ALMOST won the game!  Now today even, when he was talking about going to the store to buy something he wanted, he had to rethink if he truly wanted it because he was thinking about the money part.  He NEVER would have done that before!  I was very impressed!

Now today even he and his little sister have been playing it!  And they've been playing the long version!  They do get tired and get up and go outside for awhile, but they come back and start at it again!  No video games.  I am shocked!  This is a good thing!!!

All in all last night we had a great time!  I didn't get a ton of pictures because I was playing and having a good time, and I kept forgetting to take them!  :-0  Oops!  But we really had a great time....and the weather was so nice that we sat outside on the porch and played!  Tons of fun!  And I thank Hasbro  and House Party for letting me host this fun party and play all of these great games!  We will be playing more tonight! the giveaway!!!!  Everyone loves a good giveaway right???  I have SEVERAL prizes....they are little so don't get your hopes up for huge prizes....but I have several.  They are Monopoly Tattoos, Monopoly Keychains and Monopoly $3 off coupons to go buy your own Monopoly game!  Who's in??

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  1. We all have different favorites, but my favorite is Battleship.

  2. I've loved Monopoly and Yahtzee since I was a kid.I like playing games with my nieces.Thank you for the fun giveaway :)

  3. We love Sorry! & Apples to Apples.

  4. We love Monopoly!

  5. we like scrabble

    Kim Barnes

  6. I love to play Yahtzee! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  7. We like Solitaire Frenzy

  8. I love Uno. Thank you.


  9. Our family loves to play Apples to Apples.

  10. Our favorie game to play is The game of LIFE! we love to play every friday night!

    allyson tice

  11. Monopoly, trivial pursuit, uno or scrabble those are all of our favorites!

  12. we love scrabble, apples to apples and ticket to ride :)

  13. We love to play Trivia games & Monopoly!

  14. I'm a big fan of scrabble! lexbaylor17 (at) gmail (dot) com


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