SCHLITTERBAHN Waterparks and Resorts!!!!!!!!!!! The BEST water parks!!!

Have you EVER been to ANY of the Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts???  There are several throughout the United States.  We have only been to the one in Kansas City....but the kids and I LOVED it.  It was SO fantastic.  Kansas City is a three hour drive for us, but we've done it several times and the drive is SOOO worth it!  If you have a chance to go, I would HIGHLY recommend it!!!  

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Here are some topics of interests for Waterparks!

 Waterpark Tips for Frugal Moms:  Taking kids to a waterpark can be a lot easier – and you can be frugal too. Schlitterbahn saves mom’s budget by offering free parking, free life jackets, and families can bring in an ice chest of food! Food prices are reasonable and healthy options abound.  AND, it is SOOO cool.   You can "fill" a wrist band with money so that all they do is scan your wrist band to pay for things!  You don't have to carry any money with you, or constantly get in and out of your locker!

·         Toddlers and Tweens in Tow: Schlitterbahn is designed to have something for every age – inland surfing on the boogie bahn is very doable with a lesson or two, splash zones are designed to be safe for the littlest guests. With free life jackets and kids tubes even cautious moms can feel safe.  I never had a moment where I felt insecure about the safety of my children ages 12, 10, 6 and 3.

·        Green before Green was cool: Schlitterbahn, which was born on the banks of a river, has always been a steward of the water in the park. 98% of the water is recaptured, filtered, and reused all season. The new resort is built out of wood reclaimed from the wildfires that took place in Austin (more on that story here)

·        Making Memories: Schlitterbahn has been part of hundreds of thousands of great memories for  guests – what are your favorite memories at the park?  I know what mine is!  Sitting in a tube on the lazy river while my 3 year old slept on my chest.....ahhhh....

·        Waterpark Survival Tips
 1. Swim shoes or flip flops – Schlitterbahn parks are among the largest in the nation, and that means that invariably there will be some hot spots without shade or outdoor carpet. Wear some sort of water worthy shoe. 
2. Suncreen – Water rides remove the best in sunscreen. Apply, ride, repeat. 
3. Pack a lunch – Schlitterbahn allows ice chests, but no glass or alcohol. Make sure to pack some favorites but leave room for park specialties like funnel cake and turkey legs!

Key News:


Every park has a fact sheet on their newsroom, but here are some fast facts.

1)      Schlitterbahn is America’s #1 waterpark for 15 years and has won awards for the best indoor waterpark, best waterpark ride, and best new ride.

2)      Schlitterbahn has been the birthplace of nearly every waterpark ride innovation including the world’s first uphill water coaster and the inland surfing ride, the Boogie Bahn.

3)      Every park has a claim to fame:

·        New Braunfels: World’s longest tube ride; America’s Favorite Waterpark

·        South Padre: World’s first Transportainment system where interconnected rivers are queue lines for rides.

·        Galveston: World’s favorite indoor park

·        Kansas City: Midwest’s longest tubing adventure

Green Facts  on our South Padre Waterpark Resort

Loblolly Pines:  In 2011 a major wildfire raged through Bastrop County, Texas in September. Three separate fires started during Labor Day weekend and by the time it was controlled, it destroyed 1,691 homes and burned over 34,000 acres of land including the vast majority of Bastrop State Park’s 5,900 acres of Loblolly pines. The Lost Pines Forest, thought to have originated in or before the Pleistocene era, was also heavily impacted.

For safety, the burned pines had to be removed. These scorched trees were destined for the grinder who would have turned them into mulch. Jeff Henry with Schlitterbahn offered to take the felled trees, then had them milled, beginning the process of transforming the pines from scorched wood to the most dramatic feature throughout the Schlitterbahn Beach Resort at South Padre.

Here’s where you’ll find the Bastrop Pines in the resort:

·        Rooms:  In most rooms the cabinets, coffee tables, nightstands, and headboards are made from the Bastrop Loblolly pines.

·        Dining areas: Large tables are made from the Loblolly pines.

·        Lobby: The large tree stump tables by the doors leading to the heated pool are from the fire, as is the siding along many of the interior walls.

·        External: The siding on the outside walls of the resort are made from Loblolly pine.

Ropes:  Over three miles of 3-inch mooring ropes of dozens of former ships have been painstakingly wrapped around giant concrete structural poles in our Sea 4ever 10,000 square foot patio.

Green House: The retractable roof over our indoor waterpark was built from a large greenhouse – an old Schultz nursery.

Lobby Check in Counter: Built from salvaged walnut trees which were pulled from a road project in Kansas.

Parapet Walls: The hatch covers came off a famous US Troop carrier the John E. Pope and are used on parapet walls and also to make tables. Over 500 are on site.

Chandeliers: The beautiful chandeliers hanging in the Sea 4ever event patio were salvaged from an ageing Vegas hotel.  Our team glued shells to them and hung in the ceiling.

Waterslides: Yes, even some of the water slides were recycled. The water slides came from a park in Cleveland Ohio, were salvaged, refurbished, and re-installed.

Handrails: An old Dutchman Downs Stadium was the source for all the handrails.
Some of MY memories......


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