SASS! Yourself Slim

SASS Yourself Slim a book by Cynthia Sass MPH, RD is a New York Times Bestseller.  It was formerly published as CINCH!: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches.  With Cynthia Sass' plan she shows you 10 reasons that you should follow her plan:

1.  Weight loss rewards
2.  Prevention of weight gain
3.  Appetite Control
4.  Satisfaction
5.  Heart Protection
6.  Blood sugar benefits
7.  Beauty benefits
8.  A whole lot of nutrition per bite (when eating almonds every day, her staple food for this plan)
9.  Ease
10.  Versatility

Acclaimed nutritionist Cynthia Sass has proven, once and for all, that fast, sustainable weight loss is not about deprivation, in fact, this diet is anything but, featuring treats from guacamole to mandatory chocolate truffles.  But it's the big results, up to eight pounds of weight loss in the first five days alone, that make S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim the ideal plan for anyone who's ready to take control of there diet, their weight, and their long term well being.

After just one month on the S. A. S. S. Yourself Slim plan, you will:
-  Know which healthy foods promote rapid weight loss
-  Enjoy dozens of delicious, easy to prepare recipes that help you reach your weight loss goal
-  Better understand, and control, the emotional triggers that often lead to overeating
-  Sleep better and enjoy more energy
-  Shed the stubborn inches and pounds you'd all but given up on

Sound too good to be true?

There are a lot of testimonies in this book that prove it is a system that works.  But then...EVERY weight loss plan has testimonies of people who prove it, right?  I have tried a few different diets and exercise programs.  After failing at them, I went to the doctor, who found out that I had high cortisol levels.  The stress hormone that hangs on to fat.  Nothing can be done she said...just try to relax.  Right....after about 6 months, they retested and my levels started to come down....that is when I started losing weight.  I finally lost about 20 pounds and 20 inches....when I hit a plateau.  I have been 20 and 20 now for 2 months....even though I have switched things up in my diet and exercise, trying to figure out what my body NOW wants from me.  I have not tried this diet yet....because the first week is Spinach...which is fine....eggs...which is fine....but the raspberries make me gag, yogurt makes me gag, and almonds I am seemingly allergic to.  Therefore following this diet strictly wouldn't work for me.  Or at least the first couple weeks.

I did however read through the rest of the book and learned a lot that will help me whether I follow her diet plan or not.  One of those things is that not all calories are created equal.  The 100 calories of grapes I eat, are not the same as the 100 calories of oreos that I eat.  That may seem obvious...but to a calorie is just the calories that we are looking at....not what it is.  Duh....  :-)  She gives ALL the scientific reasons that this is not true.  Also....she tells us NOT to nix carbs.  YIPPEE!!  She goes into great detail as to why that is the case also.  It is all about balance.  That is so true...but it is so hard to be balanced when you are cooking for a family of 6....4 of which are INCREDIBLY picky eaters!  Though I may or may not follow her diet plan as closely as she would like, I learned quite a lot that I will take into my diet and exercise program that I develop for myself.  Everyone is different, everyone circumstances are different, everyone's body's are is finding what works for you.  THIS plan may work for you...but it may not.  It never hurts to try though.  After all, it is more about your health than anything!

*This is my review alone.  All of the thoughts in this post are mine and mine alone.  I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest review.*


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