Jimmy Johns Fiasco! Don't eat there!

I had always thought of Jimmy Johns as a nice little place.  I have never been inside one, but my church often has them cater in for meetings, etc.  The meeting the church is having this weekend is a missions trip meeting.  My son and I are headed to the DR for a missions trip in July and we are having a training meeting this Sunday.  He is VERY allergic to eggs and nuts.  I always make it a point when we eat somewhere new to ask the establishment if there is eggs or nuts in ______________whatever it is my son will be eating.  Sometimes I don't even have to ask...they have it on their website or hanging up somewhere within their establishment so we can see for ourselves.  In the 13  years that I have dealt with food allergies in my 2 out of 4 children, I have NEVER had an establishment NOT give me the information.  Well...there is a first time for everything.  I went to Jimmy Johns website this morning.  All they had online is nutritional information, no ingredients....or at the very least, allergen information.

It is a bit of a hassle with 7 kids running around my house, but I call the one nearest my house.  The young man said he couldn't tell me if there was egg in it.  He put me on hold...I thought maybe he was checking.  The manager comes on.  I ask him, he said he can't tell me because of health reasons?  Health reasons?  Really?  What does THAT mean?  Especially since my sons health is the one that would suffer if he ate their bread and it had egg in it!  This would be grounds for suing I would think...if I were a sue happy person anyway.  Still not upset...but getting a bit frustrated, I asked him for corporates number thinking maybe THEY would know what they put in their bread.  He said he doesn't have it.  I said, "You're the manager, and you don't have corporates number?"  He said no he did not.  He told me to look it up on line.  Yes...I can do that...I am able and perfectly okay doing it...but as someone who used to work in customer service, the nice thing to have done would have been for him to look it up on line himself and give it to me.  This is ridiculous!  JUST TELL ME IF YOU PUT EGGS IN YOUR BREAD OR NOT!!!  TRUST ME....I'VE HAD YOUR BREAD...I AM NOT GOING TO TRY TO RECREATE IT!!!!  IT ISN'T THAT GREAT!

So, I get BACK online, get the number and call.  After being transferred yet again, I finally find someone, I tell her my dilemma and she agrees that the manager didn't have corporates number.  Again being someone who has a business degree and has worked in customer service, MAYBE THEY SHOULD GIVE THEIR ESTABLISHMENTS THE ABILITY TO GET AHOLD OF CORPORATE JUST IN CASE!  I don't care if they are franchises....they still should have that number available.  I mean...I was able to get it on line, so clearly it isn't a secret.  Anyway....she then went on to tell me that she could not tell me what was in their bread.  I told her I JUST wanted to know if there were egg in it.  She said it was POLICY not to tell ingredients.  If I wanted to know I would have to make an official complaint on their website.  I AM SICK OF THIS WEBSITE CRAP!  Doesn't ANYONE WORK anymore?  They just rely on their WEBSITE to do all the work for them!!!!!  You BET I am going to make an official complaint on their precious website!  I told her, forget it....it isn't worth my time to put anymore time into it...yet here I am.....I needed to get it off my chest, what can I say?  Anyway, they have managed to lose customers in the Omaha area....myself and possibly my church family and a ton of my friends who have been with me through 13 years of food allergies.  Honestly, this is ridiculous.....not to tell me if my son can eat there or not?  Ugh..........JUST SAY NO TO JIMMY JOHNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Their delivery ISN'T that speedy anyway!!!!!!


  1. Today I was at Jimmy John's to scope it out for my food sensitivities (thank goodness, no severe allergies). I learned they put soy sauce in the tuna salad. Somewhere online I found the turkey was glutenfree, but not the cheese or roast beef. I'm with you on the frustration of not being able to easily get a clear answer on the common allergens.


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