Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus

My family and I were given the opportunity to go to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus this past Friday night! The GREATEST show on earth...TRULY was THE GREATEST show on earth!! What a delight!! I have to say...we have only gone to little circuses before....my 10 and 12 year old were not happy to have to go to this one...but by intermission they were apologizing for giving me grief....they said, "This is SO cool!" So...that goes to show you that a circus is NOT just a circus. It is only a TRUE circus if it is a Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus!

First off, we had GREAT seats! 7th row...right up front! This next few pictures are of the opening show.
After the opening we went right into horses. My daughter is a HUGE fan of horses...this was FABULOUS for her! There were three rings. The first two rings held arabians, etc. The third ring in the back held ZEBRAS! If you look real closely you can see the stripes back there. My daughter was beside herself with excitement! NONE of my kids could remove their eyes from the front of the Qwest Center and the show had only JUST begun!

Shortly after horses we had these two...um...strong men come in. They were balancing telephone poles and logs...you name it...they even balanced eachother! They were...um...different to watch. After them came in the clowns that spoofed their abilities. The clowns came in after every act...but this particular clown spoof was by far the best! I was busting at the seams laughing so hard! Clowns don't USUALLY make me laugh! My kids are also VERY afraid of clowns...but suddenly they no longer are. They actually have been talking about the clowns all week!

There were several things that I didn't get pictures of...like a great dance routine by a group with space type shoes on so they could bounce really high....other acrobatics that I missed...it was just JAM packed full of awesome things!! My favorite was the elephants though. I just absolutely LOVE elephants. I don't know if I just love them because...or if I love them because I was raised with a mom that collected them and I have been around them all my life...I don't know...but the fact still stands that I LOVE elephants! I had a TON of pictures...but almost all but this one were too blurry to share. I was very upset. :-( They did a great job! So proud of my elephants!

And what is a circus without the tigers!!! I must say, this was the most exciting portion of the show because one of the tigers, Princessa, had a bit of an attitude and the show had to be cut short. The tiger tamer had a mic on...so we could hear everything he was saying to the tigers. Once he started yelling at Princessa for not behaving and she was VERY uncooperative, they shut his mic off and out came the whips. I heard a lot of people around me saying that he was being cruel and it wasn't fair what he was doing...but these are dangerous animals...and honestly, I would much rather him do that instead of letting this tiger maul him in front of thousands of little child eyes. His training measures may not be what we believe they should be...but in that situation, I think he did what was necessary. That big kitty was NOT in a nice mood. Very exciting! What we DID see of his show...which was very little...but what we DID see, was very nice.And who can forget the little um....circle guys. I don't even know what these things are called...but they are one of my favorites too!The tight rope is always exciting too and gets my heart pumping! Everyone did a great job. There was only that one problem with the tiger...otherwise the whole show went off without a hitch.
I would CERTAINLY suggest this circus to ANYONE of ANY AGE. I had a GREAT time and I KNOW my kids had a great time as well!!! Go to Ticket Master to see when and where they will be near you!!! It is DEFINITELY worth it!! I PROMISE!!!!

* I was not compensated for this post. All of the opinions in this post are mine and mine alone. I was given tickets to attend in exchange for my honest post. *


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