The Walk, By Shaun Alexander, book review

The Walk Description
Are you walking with God, dragging your feet, or running ahead of Him? Take the first step in living at God's pace.

When you start walking with God, it’s easy to misplace the emphasis. You might think it’s about seeking perfection or impressing God with your level of commitment. But God isn’t looking for perfection, and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to impress him.

Walking with God is exactly what it says: God invites you to get in step with what he is doing in the world. When you walk with God, you allow him to set the pace for every aspect of your life. And that is when you discover faith and strength that overcome doubt, fear, and temptation.

Let Shaun Alexander help you get started on the greatest adventure possible. If you are ready to know God as your Walking Companion, you are ready to begin The Walk.

God invites you to grow through five stages of spiritual maturity

Walking with God is not a contest or a competition, and it has nothing to do with how you look in front of others. Your walk with Christ is the most extreme, dangerous, and intimate adventure you will ever be part of. But all you have to do is walk, which takes you to a place where it’s not about you—instead, you will become part of something that is much bigger than anything you can imagine.

God leads his followers through five stages of spiritual maturity. He begins by working in us even before we trust him, drawing us while we are still Unbelievers. He walks with us when we become Believers, training us so that we can grow to live as Examples of Christ. He works with Examples, showing them how to explain what they believe and making them Teachers. And God calls some Teachers to serve as Imparters, those who do the miraculous work of Jesus on earth.

While our tendency is to run ahead of God or lag behind, just walking with God through the stages of spiritual maturity will transform your life with biblical wisdom, God’s direction, and the power of the Holy Spirit. With God at your side, your life will have an unprecedented impact on others.

WOW! This book was incredible! For those of you who know me...first of all...I am a HUGE football fan! I read books written by football players...just because they are football players! I know...I am weird....but I love the sport. So when I saw that Shaun Alexander had written a book...and one about God no less, I thought I needed to read it.

The Walk totally took me by surprise. I had heard that Shaun Alexander was a speaker now, but I didn't know that he was SO good. He really knows his bible!

The book is very clear cut and straight forward, I could read between the lines that if you don't like it...tough. He is very committed to Christ and furthering His Kingdom which to me is just absolutely awesome! I have gained even more respect for him now after reading this book.

I took a lot away from the book too. Shaun Alexander lays it out for you. For can't be a "teacher" in the Word until you have learned to be the "example", etc. It is very eye opening and actually a lot of it is common sense...but so many times human beings want to skip steps, not thinking about the common sense part of it.

This is a book that I gave to my husband immediately, as he struggles on a daily basis how to have a better relationship with we all do. I think this would be a fabulous book for anybody, but especially those who want to do more for God's Kingdom. Those looking at going into the ministry in one way or another, NEED to read this book.

I am looking forward to someday hearing Shaun Alexander speak! Or read yet another book of his...whichever comes first.

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.


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