Juno Baby...review and GREAT DEAL!!

A few weeks ago I received a gift pack from the wonderful people at Junobaby.com.
I received an incredible bag...which I have fallen in love with...and an awesome DVD. The kids watched it and they really enjoyed it! Even the 11 year old!!! It is VERY cute! I actually now have two of the junobaby dvds. One is "Way to Go, Juno!" This one talks about facing fears through music. I am just going to tell you what the insert says,

"As a classical composer and mother, I believe that music has the power to inspire and nurture us creatively, intellectually and emotionally. Music allows us to feel and express ourselves more completely than words often can. My wish is for all children to be surrounded by beautiful and interesting sounds, and for them to keep music forever a part of their lives."
-Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D., creator of Juno Baby

I couldn't agree with you more Belinda!!! As a piano teacher and someone who has played different instruments in her life....music is an INTEGRAL part of our lives! Finally...somebody who gets it!!

The DVD I received is called "The Day the Music Stopped." This is for preschoolers...but like I said, my 11 year old was watching it too and he said it was really cute. This is a story about music that has been shushed in a town. It is a story of creating music to bring it back to their town. It was so cute!

The Junobaby company has been awarded many awards and for every Juno product purchased, the Juno Company donates a very specail music education DVD to a child in need. Go to http://www.junobaby.com/ for more details on that.

All in all, this is a product that any parent of a preschooler NEEDS to have...especially if music is important to them. Studies have shown that music can increase knowledge in children!

Also, they have reopened the Kids Deal for the Juno Company. They have a
$40 online store credit they are selling for just $20. Just click on the link to get it!

*This post was written by me using my own words. I was not compensated financially, however I did receive a free gift bag to review."


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