KT Tunstall, Tiger Suit CD Review

I was given the opportunity by One2One Network to review KT Tunstall's new album Tiger Suit which was in stores starting October 5th. Click on the links above for KT's website and also the album site! Tiger Suit is her third studio album and is just the beginning of a new musical adventure for her! I am at a loss for words on how to describe her music, so let me just share with you how One2One Network described it: "Organic instrumentations are blended with dance-friendly textures, the results of which she has dubbed, 'Nature Techno' to encapsulate the album's collision of raw, upfront rootsiness and sleek electronic textures." Honestly, that is THE best description of her music....or at least the music on this particular CD. Here are some more quick facts:
* KT is a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum, Scottish-born singer-songwriter

* Tiger Suit was released October 5th and her rollicking first single "Fade Like A Shadow" is a Top 20 hit at radio.

* KT will be on tour this Fall (10/31-12/1)

* KT's previous hit songs include - the Grammy-nominated "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," "Suddenly I See," Other Side of the World" or "Hold On".

You can buy KT's new album for $10.99 at Amazon.
Okay...I will be honest...I am a County and Christian music listener. This techno, easy rock...whatever you want to call it, isn't exactly my cup of tea. Now...just because I don't LIKE the music per se...that doesn't mean I don't know a good album when I hear it. She has a very soothing voice...and her songs are more on the slower side. I could see "chillin" in the hottub with a glass of wine and listening to her album. It is relaxing and refreshing...just not my first choice of music. However, I think it was truly beautifully sounding, and beautifully put together. Good job KT!


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