Review recently sent me a product to review. It is a Melamine Personalized Plate.

I REALLY like the feel of is lightweight, and very sturdy. I also love the design! I can't wait to use this for my next event...birthday party...shower...whatever!

The ONLY problem I really see with it is it is not microwaveable. I LOVE to put food on a plate from tupperware left overs and "nuk" them. This would not work for this purpose. HOWEVER, given the design...I wouldn't use it as an everyday plate would I really have the need to microwave it? Probably that isn't really an issue. It IS dishwasher safe however, which is very nice...and will stay nice as long as no abrasive cleaners are used on it.

All in all, I think it is a great product! I LOVE to have nice things when I have parties. Anything to make people feel more special about their special day!!!

Check out for more personalized things! Thie product will become "live" on their site on Friday the 8th of October!!! Check it out, and let them know that I sent you!!!!! Maybe a discount might come your way!!! :-)


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