One eskimO concert review

I had the opportunity to attend and review a concert by One eskimO last night. I got two tickets and a meet and greet back stage. Not sure who to take with me, I finally asked my country bumpkin husband. When I say country bumpkin, I mean country bumpkin and One eskimO is NOT country music. But...I thought it would make for a fun date night.

One eskimO's music is tough to define...but I will try. It is along the lines of soft rock. Maybe like a Pink Floyd...Cranberries mix? Maybe even alternative? So...we'll go with soft, alternative rock!
So One eskimO is currently touring the states. They are from England, and from what I understand, they are pretty big there. One of their songs, "Khandi" has made them big there and here in the states.

They are extremely talanted people. VERY versatile! I was extremeley fascinated by their musical skills...especially that of the drummer. Now....some of you may know....I am a I always find myself paying more attention to the drummers during concerts than anything else. However, this drummer was EXCEPTIONAL. He wasn't using a traditional drumset...and I am not sure that I ever saw him use an actual drum stick. He used brushes almost the entire time...and a couple of the brushes looked like they even glowed in the dark! That could have been just the lighting...but either way, it was WAY cool!! He was truly an amazing artist...and one point he even put something in his mouth which resembled the smoker thing that the caterpillar, Absolem, had in Alice in Wonderland...but it made a sound similar to the Didgeridoo! It was great! I have never seen anything like it! Something else that was new to me....he had something that looked like a Christmas Tree next to the set. I thought it was decoration. I will admit to thinking it was odd decoration since it is June....until I saw him hit it with his brush...and it made the most beautiful, high pitched gong sound! It was incredible! I TOTALLY want one!!! He also had something like an electric xylophone attached to the set. I mean...seriously...this drummer was state of the art...high tech!! It made me want to go up there and jam with him!!!

Then there was the bass guitarist who could play guitar with one hand and blow on his horn with the other! I for one LOVE music. It doesn't matter what kind of music...God has given me the ability to just enjoy music regardless of the type. Life is always good when I have music. I was in band...I love horns...but Jeff...he wasn't a big fan of the horn.

The singer has a very mellow voice. Very fresh and soft.

The other guitarist was equally talented.

While they played their music a video was going on behind them. It was a cross between Pocahontas meets eskimo...meets giraffe and penguins. It was interesting. I wasn't so into the video as I was way too busy watching the drummer...but from what my husband says it reminded him of The Wall with Pink Floyd. Not in content, but in the sense that it was a video playing while the music was playing. He got the sense that there was symbolism in the video...but like The needs to be watched several times before the symbolism will be caught.
They played only for an hour but didn't start until 9 pm. I thought they were starting at 8, so I had my babysitter at home until 10:30 or so. I knew since they weren't done until 10, and it was a 20 minute drive still to get home, that I wouldn't have time for the meet and sadly I had to skip that part. I would have liked to have met them though and ask them all sorts of questions burning in my mind like, "Why One eskimO?", etc. But I didn't get the chance since I was running short on time. I could listen to them talk forever though...I am a sucker for british accents! :-)

All in all I think they did a fantastic job! I love ALL music, but I do have my favorite music and though this type of music wasn't my favorite, they still did a great job and I will still listen to their music...just not necessarily on a daily basis. Jeff on the other hand...not his cup of tea....BUT...he said they are highly talented and they did do a great job! Which they did. If I were their mother I would be extremely proud of them! I really foresee a HUGE future for them. Their talent is just too good to miss. I would highly suggest running out and purchasing their cd yourself and checking them out. Then spread the word about this fabulously talented group!

I am so thankful to One eskimO, their tour manager Daniel Zimman and One2one Network for the tickets to their show!

*I did not receive compentsation for this review other than the free tickets to the show.*


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