The Color Run with guest blogger Lori!

The Color Run is a MUCH bigger event then the "Color Me Rad" race, and MUCH better organized.  There was no questions about what to do or where to go once you got there.  Even though there was no official "wave" times that we were assigned to, the race was still ran in waves.  When you arrived you just fell into the very LARGE line, and then at start time, they set off the first group of people.  We didn't have anything to tell us the time, but what felt like every 10-15 minutes or so, they sent out the next group of people.  Because of the volume of people, it was almost impossible to run at times.  The color zones were about like "Color Me Rad"...4 of them...and the finish line was confetti. We felt like we received more "color" at this race...some of it but have been us being more intentional about stopping and letting them get us, but also they had some better ways of applying the color.   The before race pick-up was much more convenient...held at Scheels at Village Pointe.  In our swag-bag we received the T-shirts (which most people wore in the race and we weren't discouraged to wear them, as we were at Color Me Rad), a "Color Run" tattoo, and a "HAPPY" tattoo, as well as a fun headband and bracelet.  No sunglasses to protect our eyes though, which was a big bummer, but we knew that much at least before heading down to the run, so we wore our ones from Color Me Rad.  The route was also very enjoyable, with good scenery, and a few minor hills to "test your endurance".  We also learned that they had a very effective "lost and found" system...which came in very handy when we lost our car keys (I can tell you more about that sometime). 




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