FREE......Chris Raabe's NEW PHENOMENON FREE...FREE......FREE.....FREE!!!!!!!!!

Here is a GREAT opportunity!!!  Do you LOVE FREE??????  Now for TODAY ONLY you can get a Kindle copy of Chris Raabe's book New Phenomenon FREE through!!!  Here is the letter he sent me!!!
I wanted to let all of you know that my first book, The New Phenomenon, is available for free on Amazon for Kindle and devices that have kindle capabilities, including smart phones.  Even if you have read the book, please get your free kindle copy.  This deal is only good for Tuesday, May 28.
Pass this news on to any readers you know.
Amazon ebook (Kindle)
The New Phenomenon by Chris Raabe
Download for Free!!!
or use this link
Only available thru Tuesday, May 28, so hurry
Chris Raabe

I WOULD STRONGLY encourage you to get your copy!  IT'S FREE!!!  And it is a FABULOUS book!  Don't miss out!!!!!!


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