DISNEY LIVE!!! Three Classic Fairy Tales, WOW!!!!

We had QUITE the fun weekend!!  We started the weekend on Thursday, the kids were out of school for conferences.  We headed to Kansas City for two days of Great Wolf Lodge!  What fun...but this isn't a review about Great Wolf Lodge...so that is where I stop talking about it.  I only bring it up because we left Kansas City at 8am in order to get to Omaha to see Disney Live in time.  When I woke up groggy and moody, I starting thinking....do I REALLY want to go???  Other than having the obligation to write a review, I was just BEAT and REALLY didn't want to roll out of my warm bed.  But...I did...and let me tell you....it was WELL WORTH IT!
We made it into Omaha around 12.  We scarfed some food down quickly and my friend Malissa and her two girls were here to meet me around 12:30.  Jeff and the boys are out of town hunting, so I chose the next best thing to go with us!

Disney Live started with the usual crew....Mickey...Donald...Goofy and Minnie!  The best of the best!

 THEN...we started into the fairy tales!  The first one was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!  Always one of my favorites!!  She looked SO pretty...and her voice was so spot on to what a little girl would think Snow White would sound like!  The Dwarfs were absolutely AWESOME too!!!  They were perfectly put together!
 The mean Queen was awfully scary though.  I wish they would have done Snow White last because my 3 year old was so scared by the Queen that the rest of the show he was terrified that she would come back.  She was pretty scary!
 As always the fairy tale ended with Snow White riding off into the sunset with her prince charming!

The next Fairy Tale was Cinderella...another Classic and favorite!  What little girl NEVER though she was Cinderella!!??
 Her dress was by far the MOST stunning when she turned into the Beautiful "Princess" for the ball!
 Again...as usual...the fairy tale ended like a fairy tale should....the girl got the guy and they lived Happily Ever After!  :-)

Finally was The Beauty and the Beast.  This wasn't an ALL time favorite of mine...but when I first saw it in high school, it quickly became a favorite!  It was VERY creative.  The Beast costume was beautifully made.  I was truly impressed with the props and the abilities of the actors in this one.  The costumes were STUNNING!

 As is the case Belle and the Beast became Prince and Princess...and lived Happily Ever After!

This truly was a MAGNIFICENT show!  My daughter LOVED it...because of the princesses no doubt...but my 3 year old son also thought it was fabulous....except for the Queen....he isn't a fan of hers!  :-) 

I would recommend Disney Live, 3 Classic Fairy Tales to ANYONE of ANY age.  I think it would be a hit among girls AND boys.  This would make a fabulous family event.  Even my 12 year old son was saddened that he was unable to go!  He loves things like that...and I have no doubt that he would also love this.  If any boy says he doesn't love this...it is only his "machoism" that is trying to take hold...deep inside, he loves it too!!

GO TO IT!  You won't be sorry!!!!

*I received tickets to the show to give my honest feedback on the performance, no compensation was given*


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