Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scentsy….and NP Dodge!

Scentsy has always been one of my favorite companies to make my home smell FABULOUS!  I recently discovered that one of my long time friends, who also sells houses by the way, is also a Scentsy consultant.  Here is her story:

I became a Scentsy consultant recently!  I decided to do something that I could easily incorporate and do with my real estate. I love selling homes and I love why not sell it too and make those homes I sell smell good too :-)

Lisa Buschelman is my friends name.  She works at NP Dodge Real Estate…if you are in the market.  She sold my home a few years ago, and found us the perfect home all within three days of each other!  Her phone number is 402-214-3100.  

As stated above, she also sells Scentsy and her website address

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