Friday, June 22, 2012

Reading Eggs, Where Children Learn to Read

Reading Eggs website is really neat!  Reading Eggs is an Online Learn to Read Program.  The kids can truly learn to read online!  I got the incredible opportunity to review the site after allowing my 7 year old daughter and my 4 year old son use it for a few weeks.

Here is a short description:

Learning to read can be easy and fun!

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.
And it really works!
Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning.
If your child is very young, it gives them the opportunity to start recognizing letters and sounds.  If your child is just starting to read, it will help them learn.  And if your child has already been reading, it gives them tons of practice.

My kids really enjoyed this website!  My 7 year old who is an avid reader enjoyed all of the games and got tons of good practice in.  My 4 year old also enjoyed the games and started learning the sounds better.  There is also a link to activity pages that you can print.  They are very colorful, as is the entire website, and really holds the attention of the student.  The printed pages are very similar to what you might find in those really expensive activity books that you can get at Walmart and Target.....only better.  :-)

I would highly suggest this website to anyone who would like to help their child learn to read or improve in reading.  Kids love to play on computers and this is such a great way to have fun playing while learning!  This website gets this mom's stamp of approval!!!!

*I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I was given temporary free membership to check out the sight in exchange for my honest review.*

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lioness Arising Book Review

Lioness Arising is a fabulous book.  Here is what is on the back cover:  Women, it's time to Awaken, God did not save you to tame you. a life of fierce passion. dangerous prayer, stunning power, and teamed purpose.  Awaken...your response could very well change your world.  This was so true of this book.  For me, it started out a little slow....but I really don't think I was in the right frame of mind.  So I put it down for quite some time.  Months later I revisited it.  This time, the time was JUST right.  She compares ALL that we do, feel, etc, to lioness'.  And rightfully so.  It was a TOTAL bonus to learn SO much about an animal that God created, WHILE learning how to "WAKE UP and CHANGE MY WORLD" the way that God would like us to.  Honestly, this book was like reading a documentary on Lions and Lioness'.  But the next chapter, she would relate that to God, to us, to was SO neat to see how she could combine the two.  How as women, we actually live entertwined lives with Lioness'.  I feel SO much more respect for lioness' then I did before I started reading this book.  This book MAY have solidified my new favorite animal!  :-)  One exciting quote, "God is inviting one and all to take their positions, like the lioness, every one in their place, everyone in their strength."  SO true.  And to back up what she says, she has plenty of scripture.  That is when I really start to "trust" a book, when it can be backed by scripture.  To end, I would like to quote something from the end of her book, "If lionesses know their young are not safe when they are isolated from other lionesses, why do we try to be so independent?  Together we can protect the young from death and destruction.  Isolated we don't have a chance.  This being the case, why are we so frightened to admit our need for each other?  We don't need to engage the masses, we just need a few caring, compassionate people to change the world for the masses."

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion.*

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dry Idea Review and Giveaway

I was given the GREAT opportunity to review Dry Idea Advanced Dry Antiperspirant and Deodorant Roll-On.  I have to say I was pretty impressed!  I was very leary at first.  I have never liked roll-on's and I am kind stuck in my ways.  I like ONE deodorant and that is the one I've used for several years.  That is all there is to it.  But I decided to give it a try.  I am a runner, a spinner, a very active person all around.  Never once while using this product did I ever think about my arm pits.  With my "normal" deodorant, I have to admit...there are times I start to worry a little bit.  This was a fantastic product...and when I am out of my "normal" deodorant, I will make the change.  It gave protection like I never knew existed before.  It was fast drying, hypo even contains Vitamin E and gives 24 hours of protection!  The product I had was unscented, Powder Fresh and Cotton Dry.  Surprisingly the roll-on didn't bother me like I thought it would.  It was awkward at first, but I have really learned to like it.  No more white deodorant stains on my black's FANTASTIC!  Also available is the clear gel which goes on clear, and the invisible solid which gives 48 hours of protection and has a "cool burst with air conditioning effect"!  I WANT TO TRY THAT ONE!  

Guess what else??  Dry Idea is holding a sweepstakes with $1000 in prizes!  There is a $500 1st place prize and 10 $50 2nd place prizes!  You can sign up by clicking HERE!

GUESS WHAT ELSE???  I am giving away a FREE Dry Idea coupon!!!!!  All you have to do is:

*Click on the HERE link above and enter the Dry Idea Sweepstakes!  Then come back here and comment that you did that.
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I will do a random drawing on June 28th!  Good luck!!!!

*Disclosure-Dry Idea provided a free sample of their advanced Dry Roll-On so I could review them.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.*

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot!

I was given the awesome opportunity to review a brand new show that will be on The Hub TV Network!  The premier of Care Bears:  Welcome to Care-a-lot, showed on Saturday, June 2nd on the Hub.  In the package that I was provided, I got an episode to show my house full of kids, activity sheets with stickers, crayons, pencils, notepads and game ideas and recipe ideas for the party. 

First we all watched the episode.  There were 7 kids here total, ranging from the age of 4 to 13.
 Then we played one of their games that was given in the pamphlet.  The pillows are clouds!  :-)

 They had a lot of fun!!!  Lots of giggles and lots of noise!!
 Then the younger ones wanted to do the papers that were sent.  There were coloring pages, word searches, and other fun games.

We had a really great time.  Even my 13 year old BOY loved it.  He has always loved Care Bears though.  The 12 year old boy that was here wasn't sure about it though...he thought it was for littler people, but he still seemed engaged in it!  :-)  Everyone else seemed to really enjoy it and none of them were afraid to say they liked it....even the older ones.

Here is some statistics!  Just FYI...Funshine bear was everyone's favorite!

Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot
Character descriptions:

Tenderheart Bear
Tenderheart Bear takes being kindhearted to a new level! He’s the very wise, grandfatherly bear whose heart is always in the right place. Whether it’s advice or understanding, a hug or nudge, he knows just what a child needs to help them share their feelings. He has the perfect belly badge for the job, too – a big, red heart!
Share Bear
Share is her name, and sharing is her game! Share Bear is a nurturing and generous bear who considers everyone her friend. Carefree and loving, Share is happiest when she’s giving – or baking! She thinks sharing is such a treat, that she shows it with her belly badge – two heart- shaped lollipops!
Cheer Bear
Cheer Bear practically invented looking on the bright side! She’s also a very eager bear who thrives on helping others to be positive. She often makes up cheers right on the spot for encouragement or to help solve a problem. Spreading happiness is as evident in her constant smile as they are on her belly badge – a beautiful rainbow!
Grumpy Bear
Grumpy Bear might be a grump, but behind his gruffness is a big softie who really cares! In fact, he’s great at connecting with children, especially when it comes to being grumpy – a subject he knows well. He reminds kids who are having a bad day that they’re always loved – which is why his belly badge is a rain cloud with heart-shaped raindrops.
Funshine Bear
For Funshine Bear, having fun is job number one. Nothing makes him happier than hanging out with friends, or going on spontaneous adventures – making even more friends along the way! He makes the most of his jam-packed days with sunny optimism and a flare for being fearless. Funshine’s belly badge reflects this spirit – a smiling, blazing yellow sun!
Harmony Bear
Harmony Bear is a talented performer who is all about bringing folks together and encouraging them do their best, especially through music. She believes that differences are the key to creating harmony in the world – like how it takes many colors to make a rainbow. The flower on her belly badge reflects this by having different colored petals.
Wonderheart Bear
Silly, sweet and full of joy, Wonderheart Bear is by far the youngest Care Bear. Always wanting to be part of the “big bears’” adventures, she is a playfully curious bear who is never short on questions – about everything! Her belly badge is clearly a little heart, but she won’t know what its full power is until she’s a little older.

Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot Program description (general):
Take one step into Care-a-Lot and prepare for wishes to come true and unbelievable adventures to ensue! Care-a-Lot is the high-above-the-earth home of the Care Bears – the coolest, most caring-est, magical friends around! It’s a whimsical world where the Care Bears help children navigate their feelings through music, love, belly-badge powers and great big Care Bear hugs.
Program description (listing):
Welcome to whimsical Care-a-Lot, home of the Care Bears - the most caring-est, lovable, magical friends around. Join the Care Bears on their fun-filled adventures packed with music, belly-badge powers and great big "care" hugs!
Produced by: Production credits: Executive Producers
Supervising Producer Producers
Director Voice Director Art Director
Episode Length: Episodes: Genre:

American Greetings Properties
Mike Young Nicolas Atlan Jeffery Conrad Sarah Finn
Liz Young Peter Anderson
Ryan Wiesbrock Jeff Gordon Michael Hack James Groman
30 minutes 26 Preschool Animated

THE HUB is a multi-platform joint venture between Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) and Hasbro, Inc., (NASDAQ: HAS) with a goal of entertaining, enlightening, empowering and educating children and their families. The cable and satellite television network features original programming as well as content from Discovery's library of award-winning children's educational programming; from Hasbro's rich portfolio of entertainment and educational properties built during the past 90 years; and from leading third-party producers worldwide. The Hub lineup includes animated and live-action series, as well as specials, game shows, and family-favorite movies. The network extends its content through a robust and engaging online presence at The Hub rebranded from Discovery Kids on October 10, 2010, and is available in more than 64 million U.S. households. The Hub logo and name are trademarks of Hub Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.

*All of the opinions in this post are mine and mine alone.  I was given the product to test out and to give my honest opinion.*

SASS! Yourself Slim

SASS Yourself Slim a book by Cynthia Sass MPH, RD is a New York Times Bestseller.  It was formerly published as CINCH!: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches.  With Cynthia Sass' plan she shows you 10 reasons that you should follow her plan:

1.  Weight loss rewards
2.  Prevention of weight gain
3.  Appetite Control
4.  Satisfaction
5.  Heart Protection
6.  Blood sugar benefits
7.  Beauty benefits
8.  A whole lot of nutrition per bite (when eating almonds every day, her staple food for this plan)
9.  Ease
10.  Versatility

Acclaimed nutritionist Cynthia Sass has proven, once and for all, that fast, sustainable weight loss is not about deprivation, in fact, this diet is anything but, featuring treats from guacamole to mandatory chocolate truffles.  But it's the big results, up to eight pounds of weight loss in the first five days alone, that make S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim the ideal plan for anyone who's ready to take control of there diet, their weight, and their long term well being.

After just one month on the S. A. S. S. Yourself Slim plan, you will:
-  Know which healthy foods promote rapid weight loss
-  Enjoy dozens of delicious, easy to prepare recipes that help you reach your weight loss goal
-  Better understand, and control, the emotional triggers that often lead to overeating
-  Sleep better and enjoy more energy
-  Shed the stubborn inches and pounds you'd all but given up on

Sound too good to be true?

There are a lot of testimonies in this book that prove it is a system that works.  But then...EVERY weight loss plan has testimonies of people who prove it, right?  I have tried a few different diets and exercise programs.  After failing at them, I went to the doctor, who found out that I had high cortisol levels.  The stress hormone that hangs on to fat.  Nothing can be done she said...just try to relax.  Right....after about 6 months, they retested and my levels started to come down....that is when I started losing weight.  I finally lost about 20 pounds and 20 inches....when I hit a plateau.  I have been 20 and 20 now for 2 months....even though I have switched things up in my diet and exercise, trying to figure out what my body NOW wants from me.  I have not tried this diet yet....because the first week is Spinach...which is fine....eggs...which is fine....but the raspberries make me gag, yogurt makes me gag, and almonds I am seemingly allergic to.  Therefore following this diet strictly wouldn't work for me.  Or at least the first couple weeks.

I did however read through the rest of the book and learned a lot that will help me whether I follow her diet plan or not.  One of those things is that not all calories are created equal.  The 100 calories of grapes I eat, are not the same as the 100 calories of oreos that I eat.  That may seem obvious...but to a calorie is just the calories that we are looking at....not what it is.  Duh....  :-)  She gives ALL the scientific reasons that this is not true.  Also....she tells us NOT to nix carbs.  YIPPEE!!  She goes into great detail as to why that is the case also.  It is all about balance.  That is so true...but it is so hard to be balanced when you are cooking for a family of 6....4 of which are INCREDIBLY picky eaters!  Though I may or may not follow her diet plan as closely as she would like, I learned quite a lot that I will take into my diet and exercise program that I develop for myself.  Everyone is different, everyone circumstances are different, everyone's body's are is finding what works for you.  THIS plan may work for you...but it may not.  It never hurts to try though.  After all, it is more about your health than anything!

*This is my review alone.  All of the thoughts in this post are mine and mine alone.  I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest review.*

Friday, June 15, 2012

Have you EVER used  I LOVE IT!!!!  I've been using it online for over a year now.  I check it almost anytime I make an online purchase!  Well...guess what???

When it comes to shopping and saving money, has long been considered the premier website for coupon codes. We’re excited about the launch of their new iPhone app. IT'S FREE!!!!!!

Not only do we encourage you to download the free app but we’d love for you to share the link.

You can download the app here:

The RetailMeNot Coupons app helps you find the best coupons to your favorite places to shop so you can save online or in the store directly from your phone. It's never been easier to save when you want, where you want!

The app also provides access to a selection of RetailMeNot’s best online coupons from thousands of merchants and more than 1,600 in-store redeemable coupons from stores consumers shop at regularly. 
The simple, easy-to-use interface with curated “Hot Deals” from popular stores is updated daily and allows access via search to RetailMeNot’s best online coupons from thousands of merchants.
App price: Free
On the app, their new motto is “Save when you want, where you want.”
There are 4 main areas within the app that are beneficial:
1. Get thousands of online and in-store coupons
2. Simple drag and drop function allows easy online coupon redemption
3. Save your favorite coupons for later
4. Browse Top Coupons, Popular Stores and Category listings
And lastly, don't forget to download the app & spread the news! 

*Disclosure: By posting, I am eligible for a drawing and all of the opinions are my own.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort

Are you overweight? Frustrated by an endless diet cycle? Ready to take control of your health? Just like contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, you CAN have a life changing experience-- at The Biggest Loser Resorts.

The Biggest Loser Resorts cater to REAL people seeking REAL weight loss results. A team of certified trainers, nutritionists, life coaches, and world-class chefs have one goal, to help you lose weight. Are you ready to experience a week of great fitness, delicious spa cuisine, enlightening education and wonderful camaraderie? Bring a friend to any of the three Biggest Loser Resorts (Malibu, Utah or Niagara) for a week between July 29th and September 16th and your friend comes at 50% off the standard weekly rate (or combine it and you both come at 25% off!).

Reservations must be made by July 31, 2012. (There's limited availability, so be sure to book quickly.) Additional terms and conditions apply, so contact their customer service representatives at this special number to 877-423-2760 learn more. Or visit

Visit Our Website For More Information:

Terms and conditions: Available for double occupancy only in Utah and Niagara. Single or Double Occupancy in Malibu. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. If booking multiple weeks, this offer applies only to the first week. Transportation, taxes, spa treatments, private training, and amenities not included. Scheduling is subject to availability. Reservations must be made by July 31, 2012, and stays must occur in the timeframe referenced above. The Biggest Loser Resort reserves the right to end this offer any time.

*I was given no compensation for this post, only entry into a sweepstakes*

SONOS Wireless HiFi System

This Father's Day, give the gift of floorboard rattling, heart thumping HiFi sound to a Dad who rocks. Sonos has you covered with an one week promotion at Target stores nationwide, and you even get a little something back!
  • Now through June 16th, shoppers can receive a $30 Target gift card when you purchase a Play:3 Sonos wireless HiFi system and a $40 Target gift card when you purchase a Play:5 Sonos wireless HiFi system. 
  • Hear every song you have and discover more with access to over 100,000 free radio stations and shows worldwide. 
  • Sonos connects directly to the Internet, so you can blast a universe of music in every corner of your home.
  • Control from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet - works with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Sonos controller

Compact, all-in-one Sonos player with 3 integrated speakers and 3 digital amps for big HiFi sound. Available in Black or White ($299)

Original, bigger room, all-in-one Sonos player with 5 integrated speakers and 5 digital amps for a powerhouse of HiFi sound. Available in Black or White ($399)

 I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and I'm eligible for a prize drawing.  All opinions stated in the post are my own.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Ignite your inspiration with pork and get grilling!

National Pork Board's Dibs On My Ribs recipe contest!

Now through August 12backyard grillmasters can submit a recipe to the contest using Tyson spare ribs, McCormick spices & seasonings, and Kraft BBQ saucesTwo grand prize winners will be awarded one year's worth of groceries and a trip to Memphis, TN for the "Memphis in May" BBQ festival in 2013.

Here are some Twitter posts I have been using!!!  ENJOY!!!!

Win groceries for a year from @allaboutpork!  Share your best spare ribs recipe here
Submit an @allaboutpork spare ribs recipe & vote for your favorites here #DibsOnMyRibs 
#DibsOnMyRibs Got a grill-tastic ribs recipe?  @allaboutpork wants to hear about it!  Submit it here for a chance to win big!

Sauce it up & submit your @allaboutpork recipe today! #Pork  #DibsOnMyRibs 

*I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I was placed in a drawing for posting by One2One network.*
Grillmasters - are your spare ribs legendary? Submit your @allaboutpork #DibsOnMyRibs recipe today!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jimmy Johns Fiasco! Don't eat there!

I had always thought of Jimmy Johns as a nice little place.  I have never been inside one, but my church often has them cater in for meetings, etc.  The meeting the church is having this weekend is a missions trip meeting.  My son and I are headed to the DR for a missions trip in July and we are having a training meeting this Sunday.  He is VERY allergic to eggs and nuts.  I always make it a point when we eat somewhere new to ask the establishment if there is eggs or nuts in ______________whatever it is my son will be eating.  Sometimes I don't even have to ask...they have it on their website or hanging up somewhere within their establishment so we can see for ourselves.  In the 13  years that I have dealt with food allergies in my 2 out of 4 children, I have NEVER had an establishment NOT give me the information.  Well...there is a first time for everything.  I went to Jimmy Johns website this morning.  All they had online is nutritional information, no ingredients....or at the very least, allergen information.

It is a bit of a hassle with 7 kids running around my house, but I call the one nearest my house.  The young man said he couldn't tell me if there was egg in it.  He put me on hold...I thought maybe he was checking.  The manager comes on.  I ask him, he said he can't tell me because of health reasons?  Health reasons?  Really?  What does THAT mean?  Especially since my sons health is the one that would suffer if he ate their bread and it had egg in it!  This would be grounds for suing I would think...if I were a sue happy person anyway.  Still not upset...but getting a bit frustrated, I asked him for corporates number thinking maybe THEY would know what they put in their bread.  He said he doesn't have it.  I said, "You're the manager, and you don't have corporates number?"  He said no he did not.  He told me to look it up on line.  Yes...I can do that...I am able and perfectly okay doing it...but as someone who used to work in customer service, the nice thing to have done would have been for him to look it up on line himself and give it to me.  This is ridiculous!  JUST TELL ME IF YOU PUT EGGS IN YOUR BREAD OR NOT!!!  TRUST ME....I'VE HAD YOUR BREAD...I AM NOT GOING TO TRY TO RECREATE IT!!!!  IT ISN'T THAT GREAT!

So, I get BACK online, get the number and call.  After being transferred yet again, I finally find someone, I tell her my dilemma and she agrees that the manager didn't have corporates number.  Again being someone who has a business degree and has worked in customer service, MAYBE THEY SHOULD GIVE THEIR ESTABLISHMENTS THE ABILITY TO GET AHOLD OF CORPORATE JUST IN CASE!  I don't care if they are franchises....they still should have that number available.  I mean...I was able to get it on line, so clearly it isn't a secret.  Anyway....she then went on to tell me that she could not tell me what was in their bread.  I told her I JUST wanted to know if there were egg in it.  She said it was POLICY not to tell ingredients.  If I wanted to know I would have to make an official complaint on their website.  I AM SICK OF THIS WEBSITE CRAP!  Doesn't ANYONE WORK anymore?  They just rely on their WEBSITE to do all the work for them!!!!!  You BET I am going to make an official complaint on their precious website!  I told her, forget isn't worth my time to put anymore time into it...yet here I am.....I needed to get it off my chest, what can I say?  Anyway, they have managed to lose customers in the Omaha area....myself and possibly my church family and a ton of my friends who have been with me through 13 years of food allergies.  Honestly, this is ridiculous.....not to tell me if my son can eat there or not?  Ugh..........JUST SAY NO TO JIMMY JOHNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Their delivery ISN'T that speedy anyway!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

KaiJudo, Rise of the Duel Masters

I was given the AWESOME opportunity to review a brand new show that came out on the Hub channel on June 2nd called KaiJudo.  Before I tell you about the little party I had showcasing KaiJudo, here are some of the stats:

 Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters
Program description:
“Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters” is an animated action-fantasy series that follows the adventures of a young hero, Ray, who possesses the rare ability to befriend and duel alongside fantastical creatures from a parallel dimension. Evil forces would have these creatures tamed and enslaved, so Ray and his two best friends must join the ranks of the mysterious Duel Masters to ensure the survival of both races before it’s too late.

For those of you who may not have heard of The Hub yet:

THE HUB is a multi-platform joint venture between Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) and Hasbro, Inc., (NASDAQ: HAS) with a goal of entertaining, enlightening, empowering and educating children and their families. The cable and satellite television network features original programming as well as content from Discovery's library of award-winning children's educational programming; from Hasbro's rich portfolio of entertainment and educational properties built during the past 90 years; and from leading third-party producers worldwide. The Hub lineup includes animated and live-action series, as well as specials, game shows, and family-favorite movies. The network extends its content through a robust and engaging online presence at The Hub rebranded from Discovery Kids on October 10, 2010, and is available in more than 64 million U.S. households. The Hub logo and name are trademarks of Hub Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.


LOS ANGELES – The Hub TV network, a television network for kids and their families, will premiere the all-new, action-packed animated series “Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters” Saturday, June 2.  Featuring the voice talents of popular actors Scott Wolf (“Party of Five”), Freddy Rodriguez (“Ugly Betty”), John DiMaggio (“Pound Puppies,” “Futurama”), Oded Fehr (The Mummy) and Phil LaMarr (“Mad TV”), the half-hour series from Hasbro Studios is a re-imagination of the wildly successful Duel Masters property in Japan developed by Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro, Inc.
“Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters” is an animated action-fantasy series that follows the adventures of a young hero, Ray, who possesses the rare ability to befriend and duel alongside fantastical creatures from a parallel dimension.  Evil forces would have these creatures tamed and enslaved, so Ray and his two best friends must join the ranks of the mysterious Duel Masters to ensure the survival of both races before it’s too late.  In the end, it’s up to Ray to master the ancient art of Kaijudo in order to protect both worlds. 

Kaijudo is the newest franchise from Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro. Featuring an online game on that launches May 5, a trading card game (TCG) this summer, and the television series in June, Kaijudo will provide multi-platform entertainment that the whole family will enjoy.  For more information on this exciting new brand, visit the official website at Fans can also visit for storylines, video clips and full-length episodes.

To find the channel in your area, please visit and check the channel locator at the top of the page.

Visit The Hub on Facebook at
Kaijudo, Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, and Duel Masters are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast/Mitsui-Kids/Shogakukan. All rights reserved. 

ON TO MY TAKE...and the pictures:
Here is a special preview:
Pictures from the show:

Now...before I show you pictures from my "mommy party", I want to tell you a little bit about it.  We had a great time!  We invited about 3 more boys over, but at the last minute, they were unable to I had 4 boys and 3 girls!  Not too bad!  It was a hot summer day, so it wasn't hard to get them to sit down and relax after I had them outside for a little bit!  :-)  They all started out piled on a couch, then moved to more suitable locations!  

I have to say, THEY WERE GLUED to the tv screen!  Between the first and second episode I offered snacks...that's they didn't want to take the time to move from the tv to get the snacks in case I started the second one before they could sit down again!  These kids' ages were 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13.  THEY ALL LOVED IT!!!!!!!!  The 13 year old made a comment that it is a lot like Pokemon or Bakugan as far as the idea goes, but he felt this was going above and beyond those other things though.  They liked the graphics, the story, the characters.  The 13 year old made mention to a new favorite work around here that it was "Epic".  Apparently that is good!  :-)
While making snacks I was able to see and hear most of it.  I like that they address the growing problem of bullying in all of its forms.  I also saw several characteristics being portrayed in this show that I would like my children to learn and that is friendship, loyalty, overcoming difficult obstacles, etc.  I was really impressed with the show...the graphics....and there were even quite a few pretty humorous spots.  My husband may even enjoy this show!  I will be showing it to him this weekend!  I also felt that they really have an all-star cast!  I love Scott Wolf from Party of 5, who plays Ray and Phil LaMarr from MadTV who plays Gabe!

I was not only give the first two episodes for review, but I was also given 10 KaJudo branded martial arts headbands that the kids LOVED!

I also was given some fun recipes to try that went with the theme...sorry...didn't take pictures.  BUT...I did take pictures of one of the 4 games that they played!  They truly had a blast. They played two of the games outside, Ra Vu's Lighting Tag and Aqua Senechal's Ice Duel.  FUN!  Then they played Gigaflame Sayssss inside with me...and also the Bob and Weave Relay which is what I have pictures of.  They had a great time!

All in all, I think we had a great time!  I know I did and I KNOW the kids did!  They wanted MORE episodes, but I didn't have them to give to them.  They were sad because many of them had never heard of the Hub.  One child wondered if it was on Netflix yet.  I highly doubt it...but I know he will be looking for it on there soon!

If you get a chance to watch it with your kids, I would recommend it!  Let me know what you think!

*All of the opinions in this post are mine.  I was given a DVD with the episodes on it and a media disc from Mom Select in exchange for my honest opinion*