Friday, February 24, 2012

Ghirardelli Chocolate, Milk and Truffle, YUM!

Here is what THEY said:

Ghirardelli Squares continues to deliver the very best premium tasting chocolates, made right here in the US.  Our unforgettable recipe is unique because of the Ghirardelli Difference, where we mix hand selected cocoa beans from around the world into our rich slow melting chocolates.

When winter comes, we seek warmth of inside.  There is nothing more warming than an indulgent chocolate experience.  Introducing truffles....SQUARED!  Our Milk and Truffle Ghirardelli Squares chocolates have a sumptuous truffle filling inside our rich slow melting milk and dark chocolate.  A truly decadent and gourmet encounter that you can cozy up to everyday!  Find our Milk and Truffle flavor at Target, Supercenters and Walgreens nationwide.

Here is what I say:

WOW!!!!!!!  That is all that can be said.  I am a HUGE chocolate lover and these are EXCEPTIONAL.  At first, I thought...'oh...another piece of chocolate.'  Not that chocolate is bad...I just figured chocolate is chocolate....but wow...I was SO wrong.  These were absolutely scrumptious.  They were so much so that even when my hands were cold, they would start to melt in my hands if I didn't pop the whole thing in at once.  They were gooey on the inside, but not gooey like caramel...a nice level of gooeyness.  The taste was undeniably the best I have tasted.  My senses all peaked when I was eating this little square of chocolate.  For a was just me and the chocolate.  UNBELIEVABLY good!!!  Go out and buy yourself some.  You won't be sorry!!!

*I was given a container of these chocolate to give my honest opinion.  I was not compensated for my post*

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Build A Bear Workshop 15th Birthday

We've got some beary exciting news to share with you on behalf of our good friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop. In 2012, Build-A-Bear Workshop will celebrate two major milestones. The first milestone is their 15th birthday! Since the company opened its doors in St. Louis Galleria on October 27, 1997 it has grown to become a global brand while being recognized as a company with heart. The second milestone is the celebration of selling their 100 millionth furry friend!

In honor of their birthday and helping create 100 million best friends, Build-A-Bear Workshop wants to spread the word that Friends Count! Whether your best friend is one of your longtime gal pals, your spouse, your pet, or even your teddy bear, we can all agree that our friends have made our lives so much better.

Just as an example with my own friend experiences.  My husband has to go away for a majority of the summer, leaving me with 4 kids....three of which were in sports, and one that was merely a toddler.  I was very busy....and very stressed out.  I had quite a lot on my plate.  I was told by my dad who was helping me fix a leak in my ceiling (when it rains it pours...especially when the hubs is out of town), that I needed to clean our shower REALLY good.  I always clean my shower...but I had mold growth that I couldn't get rid of.  That meant I had to wrip all the caulking out, take the door off, etc, etc.  I was a bit stressed and trying to find time to do this.  I had to go out of town for a sporting event my boys were in.  When I got home, IT WAS DONE!  One of my great friends heard my struggle...she also knew my garage code since she had taken care of my dogs one time before...they had gone in and done it all for me!  I was so humbled.  It was an incredible experience!  What a friend!!

* I was entered into a drawing for a gift card for this post......*

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 fundraiser opportunities!


The New Year is in full swing and we find ourselves busier by the day! On top of everything we dedicate our time to there is still that fundraiser that needs to be planned. Are you tired of the same old car wash and bake sale to raise money for your church or youth group? It's time for a new way to raise money, and the new online Christian apparel and accessory store, Sonfish Gear, is here to help. carries everything from baby clothes to iPhone cases. It's a fun and unique alternative to the usual fundraiser.

Sonfish Gear is excited to help anyone from church organizations to community organizers with their fundraising needs. Sonfish Gear has a fundraising program in place that offers groups the opportunity to purchase Sonfish branded products at extremely low wholesale prices to resell for fundraising. Most items in the fundraising program allow at least a 50% profit margin, if not more. The best part is that Sonfish Gear offers custom and personalized products that bring the message of the Sonfish to your specific church, community group, mission trip, etc. Your friends, family and community are sure to love Sonfish Gear. To get more information on Sonfish Gear's fundraising opportunities click HERE!